About Us

Welcome to the PhD Voice.

Who we are:

We’re an organization that’s committed to helping PhD students.

What we do:

Our goal is to help PhD students. We do that many different ways.

PhD Voices

We amplify their voices.

We use our strong presence on social media to amplify the voices of PhD students – their concerns, their achievements, and anything else that matters to them.

We’re active on Twitter.

We’ve just recently launched the world’s 1st social media platform for PhD studentsPhD Voice Box. It’s currently in Beta and is free for users signing up during this period. Sign up here now!

More and more PhD students are signing up every day, so get in quick!

PhD Voice

Journal Rater

We have the Journal Rater!

Ever wondered whether you should send your paper to one journal or the other? Is the journal you’re planning on filled with “reviewer 2’s”? Wonder no longer!

The Journal Rater is a database where every researcher can rate journals they’ve submitted manuscripts to, and look up journals they’re interested in.

All ratings and reviews come from researchers just like you, who add their experiences!

Had a terrible experience with a journal? Upload your experience here – it’s valuable for every researcher. Had a great experience with a journal? Upload it too! They’re all important! The best part is you can remain anonymous if you want to!

The free online database telling you the best journal to submit your manuscript to.

Viva Question Repository

Got your Viva/Defense coming up?

Want to know what questions to expect? Preparation is the key to success!

Welcome to the Viva Question Repository – a library of questions that were asked at previous Vivas and Defenses. Learn what to expect and have your answers ready!

Sort through them by a whole bunch of categories, General Subject, Specific Subject, Country, and much more.

Each question has been added by PhD students like you.

Have you already had your Viva? Then add a question or two here, help a younger PhD student out and be a star!


We’re proud to share that we also offer the PhD Voice© PhD Scholarship every year. It’s open to all PhD students, current and future, no matter where you come from or what field you’re in!

Blogs, Vlogs, and Podcasts

We have a page dedicated to helping people who have blogs, vlogs, and podcasts.

On this page you can find a whole bunch of different blogs, vlogs, and podcasts on all sorts of topics. You can use the search function to find ones that meet your interests, or simply order them to find the ones in the right format.

If you have a blog, vlog, or podcast, then you’re more than welcome to add yours to the list as well! That goes for your friends too. There’s only one rule, it has to be somewhat academic related (at least some of the time).

PhD Voice Blog

We created a blog for every PhD to be able to submit posts to for us to publish and notify our members and followers about. That way, your voice gets amplified and more people can read it!

Book Reviews

We, like you, enjoy a great book. But it’s hard to find them. That’s why we do book reviews as well. We actually read the books and review them honestly and impartially. That way everyone knows how good a book is and you can read our reviews to help you select a book that will genuinely help you during your PhD, and other aspects of your academic career.

We decided to make this a part of what we do because we were tired of having to wade through the endless reviews online, constantly trying to figure out whether they were from that book’s competitors or authors and we eventually had enough of it. Our reviews are impartial.

PhD Scholar

Take pride in the fact that you’re a PhD Scholar with some great and fun PhD Scholar Items!

PhD VoicePhD Voice

We have loads of other great mugs, clothing, and fun PhD-related stuff to show that you’re a PhD Scholar here.


We also specialize in partnering with people who have resources that genuinely help PhD students and make their lives better.

Some of us are still PhD students and others of us have fortunately finished our PhDs, so we know exactly what it’s like to be a PhD student – where you need help, how, and why.