100 Days Of PhD, 100 Tips

Overall, we found this book great! It was highly informative about the PhD process and had more useful tips than we could count (we did count them just for fun and we found there were actually 101 tips, so one extra!).

The book started off with an overview of what the PhD process looks like and what you need to do during a PhD. That set the book up to make the tips highly effective.

From there, the author then presented each tip and explained them in detail.

The tips were incredibly helpful. They ranged from everyday tips, like how to organize your workload to get it done, to specific tips, like how to prepare for your Viva/Defense.

One of the things that stood out from the book is the uniqueness of the tips it presented. There were many that we hadn’t heard before and wished we knew earlier.

We recommend this book for every PhD student just starting, as well as those who are a few years in. Even those in their final months will benefit from it to some extent.

It’s well worth the small investment.

100 Days Of PhD, 100 Tips


Easy To Understand


Useful Information


Uniqueness Of Information




Value For Money



  • A real page-turner!
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