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PhD Voice can help!

We have a number of high-traffic avenues to help you get word out about your product.

For example, we have a large Twitter following, with very high engagement. Yes, our tweets actually get engagement, and from real people too! Yes, we know, that’s quite rare these days, which is why we’re so proud of it. And we could help you get engagement too!

All of our high-traffic avenues are highly segmented, so you know exactly whom you’re targeting!

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In addition to advertising what you’d expect, like a product or service, we’re also happy to work with you in non-conventional ways, for example, growing your social media accounts.

A lot of people want to get more followers on Twitter. We can help with that. We can tweet about your account and what you’re doing, which will drive more people to check it out and get you more followers. Getting 100 new followers a day is possible!

If you’re not sure, hit us up and we’d love to talk about what you need and how we can do it.

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