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Affordable proofreading for PhD Students is finally here!

Do you want your work to be accepted and published?

Do you want to look back on your PhD work and feel proud of it?

Don’t you think that your work should be free of all errors?

Then Use Our Affordable Proofreading Service Here!

What other PhD students and academics say about our proofreading service:

we went with @PhDVoice and their very fair and affordable service for #phdlife which was really good. Learnt a lot from their remarks; clear recommendation!” – Verena M., Germany.

“Thank you very much for your help improving my manuscript!” – Annelien van D., Belgium.

I wasn’t asked to do this, but just to say that a couple of days ago I found out @PhDVoice has proofreading service, tried it and found it very good (and price sooo much more affordable than services provided by prestigious publishers!) People are so nice too Great experience!” – Yijie W., U.K.

“Thank you very much for your excellent work!! We really liked it and your comments are very helpful.” – Ângela M., Portugal.

Your papers, theses, and publications are important to you, your PhD, and the greater research community. They’re the items that show everyone what you’ve been working on for the last half-decade!

Your papers and thesis must be well written and free of grammatical errors if you want them to be accepted and published. Poor grammar can significantly delay the process, and even result in journal rejection, or worse, PhD rejection. Our proofreaders are academics, with a lot of experience peer-reviewing article, and they know how to treat your document with discretion and the attention required to get it into tip-top shape.

For most PhD students, proofreading is necessary. Even native English speakers usually miss typos in their own writing.

That’s all well and good…until you look at how much it costs to get something proofread!

One of the Org’s members, Chris, remembers when he was doing his PhD and wanted one of his papers proofread. It cost him $550! It was only a 6,000 word paper! And $550! That’s 9 cents a word!

How is that affordable for PhD students?!

Hence the motivation for the PhD Voice’s initiative to start affordable proofreading for all PhD students!

How Much Does It Cost?

We’re not interested in making money. We’re interested in providing proofreading that PhD students can afford, and making their work even better. So, we’ve done the numbers and figured out that we can offer proofreading for only 1.2 cents per word!

Instead of Chris’ 6,000 word paper costing him $550 it would’ve only cost him $72! Now that’s affordable!

We also know that sometimes you need your document proofread ASAP. That’s why we offer a 24hr Express service on documents less than 8,000 words. That’s right! We’ll proofread your document (up to 8,000 words) and have it back to you within 24 hours!

Isn’t your work worth grammatical excellence?

Then Use Our Affordable Proofreading Service Here!

PhD Voice Proofreading



You should have your paper (or thesis) as polished as you can by yourself. The reason is because if you don’t have it polished and how you want it, the proofreading service might be in vein, as you might wish to change part of the document later thereby nullifying the proofreading.

By having it in the best state that you can do yourself, you maximize the benefit of proofreading.

Category: Proofreading

Proofreading is where one of our highly specialized English experts reads through your document (whether that’s your thesis, paper, or any other kind of academic article) and correct grammar, spelling, tense usage, syntax, capitalization, clarity, and punctuation – all the important aspects of a text. This is the maximum amount you’re allowed to have before you’d need to add the proofreaders’ names to your document.

Our English experts are academics so they know how much your document means. They’ve also peer-reviewed many international journal papers, so they know what to look for.

It should be noted that, this does not include writing or rewriting paragraphs for you as that is not proofreading. Anyone who does write or rewrite paragraphs of text of your document should be included on the author list as they are no longer just proofreading your document.

Category: Proofreading

In “.doc” or “.docx” format (the standard Word doc formats).

We then send back two documents. The first document is with all of the track changes waiting for you to approve them. The second is the same document but with all of the track changes already approved (in other words, the second document is ready for you use without any further work required from you).

Category: Proofreading

We pride ourselves on a 7-day turnaround time for documents under 60,000 words. That means that, once you’ve ordered, you’ll get your document back within 7 days. During that time, your document will go through the 2-person proofreading as well as being sent back to you.

For documents between 60,001 and 100,000 words, we have a 10 day turnaround time.

Category: Proofreading

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Use Our Affordable Proofreading Service Here!

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