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the Productive Academic PhD Voicethe Productive AcademicProductivity, Journal Articles, Research Process, PhD Process, Academia DifficultiesOwn WebsiteWhy academia slows us down. And how to get things done anyway. Articles, Books, and Newsletter.https://www.productiveacademic.comWritten
Expat Student Edu PhD VoiceExpatStudentEduPhD coaching, global PhD and postdoc positons, academic writingYouTubeExpatStudentEdu provides resources and services for PhD students and researchers. We make videos to help them find PhD and postdoctoral positions in STEM and to coach them to succeed in their research.
Reinforcement Learning Turkiye PhD VoiceReinforcement Learning TurkiyeReinforcement Learning , Meta Learning , Imitation Learning , Multi Task LearningTwitter & YouTubeIntroductory & Advanced concepts in Deep RL , new paper talk&reads each week and interviews with RL researchers & engineers around the world. We also contribute on open source projects.
Authentically Average PhD VoiceAuthentically AveragePhD Life, Professional Development, Leadership Coaching, Lifestyle, Travel, RelationshipsOwn WebsiteAuthentically Average covers lifestyle content, PhD Life (and struggles), leadership coaching, and hobbies. There's something for everyone; current and prospective grad students can find academic planning content and resources here. Blog, Twitter, and Insta. New post(s) each week!https://authenticallyaverage.comWritten
Bio Corner PhD VoiceBio CornerFun Science, Biology Education, Science Stories, DNA, Science at Home, All AgesYouTubeOn this channel we will explore different aspects of biology from genetics to evolution. All content is intended to be as accessible and interactive as possible so that viewers of all ages can enjoy and learn something new with each video.
Difficult Conversations PhD VoiceDifficult ConversationsPodcastYouTubeDifficult conversations touched on contemporary issues and topics discussed from an array of perspectives. These range from the recent pandemic, gender violence, white silence, and finance management.
Kishan P B PhD VoiceDeep dive into Reinforcement LearningMulti-armed Bandit, Reinforcement Learning, Sequential Decision Making, Online LearningYouTubeOne of the playlists is named as "Paper Explained". Here you would find videos on walk-through of the Reinforcement Learning papers. Another playlist is named as "Multi-armed Bandit problems". Here you would find videos on technical details involving in Bandit problems.
Dr Sotayo PhD VoiceDr SotayoPersonal and Professional Development; STEM; Academic Life; Engineering; Student Experience; Research; PhD ExperienceOwn WebsiteSharing my university, work, academic and other life experiences with the hope to inspire yours. I also offer services (e.g. speaking and writing) to students, researchers, universities, schools, colleges and industries.
Han and Charls PhD Journeys PhD VoiceHan and Charls' PhD JourneyThis channel will document our progress, and also provide educational content to those interested in academia, research and science.YouTube, Twitter, Facebook & InstagramHi Everyone! 2020 is the year that we both started our PhDs in Health Sciences at the University of Liverpool. We have decided to make a channel to document our progress, and also to provide educational content to those interested in academia, research and science.
If you’re interested in following our progress, please subscribe to our channel for updates to see how we are getting on! We hope to provide you all with interesting and helpful resources!
Natalia Bielczyk PhD VoiceNatalia Bielczyk, PhD - personal blogscience, careers, jobs, PhD, self-development, professional developmentOwn websiteThis blog is all about career development for highly educated professionals (PhD and MS graduates). I write about my academic and post-academic experience, and combine my own findings and conclusions with knowledge gained from literature and insights from other professionals. Comments and questions are highly appreciated!
Welcome Solutions PhD VoiceOpen Sunday Webinars by Welcome Solutionswebinar, professional development, PhD, career switch, jobs, career developmentYouTubeThis series of webinars presents career stories of PhDs and other highly educated professionals who moved to industry and/or took brave career decisions -- moving between academia and startups, corporations, startup accelerators, freelancing, consultancy, government jobs. What are the factors for success? How to be happy in industry? What advice do successful PhDs can give us? Let's find out!
What are you going to do with that PhD VoiceWhat are YOU going to do with THAT?Early Career Researchers, Young Researchers, PhD Journey, Challenges, SuccessesPodcastSo you have a PhD or trying to get one. But what are YOU going to do with THAT? The show focuses on the personal journey of early career researchers: challenges, struggles & successes. One researcher at a time and over a drink of Amaretto.
Personal Finance for PhDs PhD VoicePersonal Finance for PhDsPersonal FinanceWebsite, Podcast, YouTubeHow to make the most of your money as a graduate student, postdoc, or PhD with a Real Job!
Quiet Guy Vlogs PhD VoiceQuiet Guy VlogsPsychology, Science, Personal Development, LifeYouTubeHello, inquisitive reader!
Welcome to my Vlog (or the description of my Vlog....) My blog/vlog is all about career development for Psychology Graduates and about Psychology in general. My videos include what it is like to do a Psychology undergraduate degree as a well as a Psychology Master's degree. I also Vlog about life; how I see life and my own experiences. I Vlog about fun stuff like cycling adventures and running. Comments and questions are highly appreciated. Please subscribe to my channel if you want to see this awesome content!

All the best,

The Science of Learning Better PhD VoiceThe Science of Learning BetterLearning Sciences, Chemistry, Education, Education Technology, Chemical Education, STEAM educationYouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TwitterThis YouTube channel is dedicated to the community of learners who endeavor to harness their potential in performing better in their life, their academic studies, and in learning new skills. My team specifically makes content in Chemistry, Health & Wellness, Happiness, and Learning Sciences. My team showcases newly published evidence-based learning strategies to improve learners' ability to maximize their results. We applied the latest cinematographic videography techniques to engage learners. Our work has been featured on IUPAC, theConversation, D2L, VeeR.TV and QS-Wharton Reimagine Education.
Tress Academic PhD VoiceSMART ACADEMICS BLOGPublishing, Getting a PhD and a job, Presenting and Becoming an efficient researcherOwn Website, YoutubeFree guidelines, checklists, worksheets and a lot of hands-on advice for PhD students, Postdocs, Researchers and everybody interested in boosting their performance in academia.
The Mad Scientist Podcast PhD VoiceThe Mad Scientist PodcastPseudoscience, Science History, Agnotology, Philosophy of ScienceSpotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spreaker, YouTubeOur show is a comedic journey through the history and philosophy of science and pseudoscience. Why do people believe weird things? Why don't they believe experts? And how do social, economic, and political pressures alter the scientific process?
Science Underdog PhD VoiceScience Underdoggrad school, medical school, biomedicine, mindset, perspectiveOwn WebsiteScience Underdog is a blog aiming to help any students in or striving to be in any field of (bio)medicine by providing personal insights by a variety of (bio)med students and professions. I write many posts and also collaborate with others in and outside of my field to help contribute. There is also a section of the blog focusing on more broad areas of mindset, sociology, psychology and other miscellaneous perspectives on life, education and work.http://scienceunderdog.comWritten
You Can Do It PhD VoiceYou Can Do It!Science, Neuroscience, Physiology, Microscopy, Education, ResearchWordpressA science blog that provides information in a very simple way.
Yakademia PhD VoiceYakademia Podcaststories, academic life, science, interviews, research, work-life balancePodcast, TwitterOur goal is to provide a platform for early-career academics to be themselves and show that there is no right way to be an academic. Every other Wednesday, we bring on a PhD student, postdoc, or early-career faculty member and encourage them to be themselves; don't turn on their scientist voice, don't shy away from the quirks that make them unique, and don't censor themselves. We do talk about their research a little bit, but we're more interested in their origin stories, their childhood interests, their hobbies outside of work, and their general life philosophy.
BioByLouis PhD VoiceBioByLouisbiology, science, academics, colleague showcase, labYoutubeBioByLouis is a YouTube project I started to showcase the work of my peers. Scientists are urged to be prepared, well-spoken, and professional in their presentations and outreach, but scientists are also real people; we speculate, we misspeak, and we talk unprofessionally to each other. I firmly believe that scientists need an outlet to describe their work informally without preparing a script, without turning on their scientist voice, and without alienating people who are interested in science but can't identify with the way we're encouraged to speak to them.
Anion The Future PhD VoiceAnion The FutureAcademia, Research, Science, CareersPodcast, Own WebsiteAnion The Future is a podcast for exploring academic’s novel ideas, origins and networks. It aims to bring advanced current research to an accessible level for all and see where we, as a society are headed. It is a discussion of ideas and stories. Ideally we’ll cover a broad range of fields – from science to education.www.anionthefuture.comAudio
Coffee Cup Librarian PhD VoiceCoffee Cup Librariangeneral, higher educationWordpressChronicling my experiences and thoughts as I navigate doctoral studies, full-time employment, fatherhood, and marriage. Touches of coffee, librarianship, work, social justice and action peppered throughout.www.coffeecuplibrarian.comWritten
The Befuddled Researcher PhD VoiceThe Befuddled ResearcherScience, Biology, PhD, Academia, Lab-work, Cancer BiologyBloggerI am a graduate student working in cancer biology and I write about my experiences in the lab, my journey in academia and how I am coping with the pressures of graduate school. I am hoping that my experiences will be relatable to a lot of people and what methods and solutions that I've devised for myself, might be useful to someone else too!
The Academic Librarian PhD VoiceResearch TipsAcademic Writing & Research Tips, mainly for postgradsYouTubeThis channel (and the associated website) includes research tips in the arenas of academic writing & research for postgraduate students (though some of it may be useful for undergraduates too). It also includes content for PhD students, answering queries processes and expectations of PhD life (navigating conferences, the upgrade VIVA, and more)
Helen Kara PhD VoiceHelen Kara's blogIndependent research, research methods, research ethics, writing, academic writing, researchMy own website on WordPressIndependent research and scholarship focusing on research methods, research ethics, and academic writing, with an emphasis on creative approaches. A new post most weeks, plus search box and tags to help you delve in the archives.
Seriously Jerk Brain PhD VoiceSeriously, Jerk Brain?Depression, Anxiety, Mental Health, PhD, LeadershipOwn websiteBlog about a doctoral student and Big 4 public accounting partner living with Major Depressive Disorder, PTSD, and an unfinished dissertation.http://seriouslyjerkbrain.comWritten
The Graduates PhD VoiceThe Graduates Sci-Comscicomm, graduate school, science, research, self-care, comedySpotifyGraduate students and former graduate students explaining their science in the most hilarious way possible, while also discussing important topics and issues around graduate life. We talk about anything from our research, your research, hilarious field work fails, how to navigate sciencing, ranting about science, to taking care of yourself, work-life balance, mental health, and remembering to do some proper R&R. Want to jump on an episode? Contact us through twitter: @gradscicomm or Facebook: The Graduates Sci-Com.
My Gothic DissertationAcademic Culture, PhD Training, Gothic fiction, Grad School Gothic, Grad School ExperienceLyceum, Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, Pocket CastsMy Gothic Dissertation is my actual dissertation on Gothic fiction -- and the first dissertation ever to be produced in podcast form. In it, I compare being a Ph.D. student to being trapped in a Gothic novel.
My Gothic Dissertation is a validating and cathartic listen for any current and former PhD student, and it's informative for PhD faculty as well.
Perspectives from the BenchtopNeuroscience, Positive Psychology, Women in ScienceOwn WebsiteCurrent neuroscience topics and commentaries on laboratory life.perspectivesfromthebenchtop.wordpress.comperspectivesfromthebenchtop.wordpress.comWritten
EcoGareth PhD VoiceChronicles of a Microbial EcologistMicrobial EcologyOwn WebsiteA new blog which will discuss new research, cool science, and R coding and statistics tutorials!www.ecogareth.wordpress.comWritten
Social FISHtancing PhD VoiceSocial FISHtancingSmall scale fisheries and COVID19Soundcloud and other podcast streaming platforms (Spotify, etc.)COVID-19 is having a significant impact on North America’s seafood economy, which is more globalized than it has ever been. Fishers, however, are scrambling to respond, adapt and share lessons with each other. Community-supported fisheries may be the ones most ready to weather this difficult time.
We’re covering the ongoing challenges created by COVID-19 on fisheries, to feature stories about the impacts of the pandemic, as well as the innovative ways that small-scale fishers are responding to this challenge.
Bouldering Epigrammetry PhD VoiceEpigrammetryArchaeology, PhD life, bouldering, digital Humanities, self help, productivityHypothesesWe post weekly or every two weeks on topics relevant to the phdlife, archaeology, digital humanities, bouldering and self-help for academia.https://epigrammetry.hypotheses.orgWritten
Research Tales PhD VoiceResearch TalesNVivo 12, Qualitative Data Analaysis Software, Qualitative Research, Qualitative MethodsOwn Website, YouTube and TwitterResearch Tales offers tutorials and advice on working with the Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) Software NVivo which can facilitate all stage of your research, especially data analysis. Research Tales aims to empower you to make NVivo work holistically for you and your project.
Research Tales will grow to cover additional QDA softwares. Follow @Research_Tales for tweets on Qualitative Research, QDA and relevant softwares.
Dementia Researcher PhD VoiceDementia Researcher PodcastAlzheimer’s, Early Career Researchers, Careers, Dementia ResearchEverywhere you get your podcastsThrough our podcasts we aim to explore a range of topics which will be of interest to Early Career Researchers, or others interested in working and studying in the field.
The topics range from those focused on careers, such as grant writing to areas of science and research, delving into specific studies aiming to help beat dementia.

This podcast series is brought to you by - everything you need, all in one place. Register today to get weekly bulletins, with news, funding opportunities, jobs, and events.
Deadpan Assault PhD VoiceDeadpan AssaultPhD Life, Academic Areas of Interest, HorrorWordpressDeadpan Assault started out as a blog for book reviews. It has since evolved into discussing topics about books/writing in general and recently I've been using it as a place to talk about my PhD, including topics of interest and my own research.
Secret Life Of A Grad Student PhD VoiceSecret Life of a Graduate StudentGrad Student Life, advice, stories, interviews, STEM, humanizing sciencePodcastSecret Life of a Graduate Student is a student life podcast hosted by graduate students Megan Garber and Laure Curran. ​Our mission is to interview scientists from diverse career stages about their lives in graduate school. We cover topics relevant to graduate students across the globe, such as how to maintain life balance and how to cope with imposter syndrome.
We hope that this podcast inspires graduate students of all stripes by highlighting our shared experiences, and providing advice from those who have been there before. We also hope that this podcast will give non-scientists, family, and friends, a window into what it is like to be scientist today.
Phienbelle PhD VoiceWelcome to the research worldResearch and academia
Own WebsiteThinking about having a career in biomedical research and wondering how it works? Check out my blog to find out the many things I do as a research assistant and a PhD student at the largest kids cancer research institute in Australia!
Shannon Mason PhD VoiceThesis by Publication Q&A SeriesThesis by Publication, PhD by publication, scholarly publishingYouTubeAnswers to commonly asked questions for those looking to publish their research during their doctoral candidature.
Nice to know PhD VoiceNice To Know - Conversations with Everyday ScientistsScience Communication, Science Education, Science ConversationsPodcastI interview everyday scientists to find out what they work on, get them to explain it in simple terms, and delve into what it is like to be a scientist. My goal is to showcase that all kinds of science is done by all kinds of people. It's for scientists and those interested in science, alike!
Llyfraubach PhD VoiceLlyfraubach (Literature Blog)Welsh Gothic, Gothic, Literature, Welsh Interest, Book Reviews, PhD ChatWordpressLlyfraubach (meaning Little Books in Welsh) is a personal blog that focuses on literature and the gothic. From book reviews to current PhD chat/discussions, this blog brings together my love of gothic and my proud Welsh heritage. Ideal for those interested in all things gothic!
Zora's DaughtersZora's DaughtersBlack feminism, gender, race, sexuality, Black academic life, popular topicsAvailable on All Podcast PlatformsFollowing the legacy of Zora Neale Hurston and other Black women ethnographers, we bring a critical anthropological lens to popular topics. In this space, we use anthropology - read and understood through our experiences as Black women - to talk about Black life.
Tran Doan PhD VoiceAncestral Healing Blogancestral healing, intergenerational trauma, mental health, first-generation, refugee, immigrantOwn WebsiteIntergenerational trauma is when we experience the symptoms of someone else’s trauma — a family member who came before us. Ancestral lineage healing refers to a process of coming into direct relationship with one’s recent and more ancient ancestors for personal, family, and cultural healing.
I invite contributors to share their stories of vulnerability, suffering, and discovery as they embark on their personal journey toward healing, peace, and freedom from ancestral generational trauma. I help amateur writers storyboard and copyedit. Please contact me @trantdoan on Twitter / Instagram or Collaborate page.
Chelsea Hetherington PhD VoiceThe Aligned Academiccareer exploration, productivity, values, alignment, boundariesOwn WebsiteThe Aligned Academic is a blog for academics and other higher education professionals interested in better aligning their work with their values.
Degree of Wealthpersonal finance, professional development, research, teaching, academia, whiskeyOwn WebsiteThe goal of the Degree of Wealth is to help educators and researchers take control of their financial and professional life. As smart people who are devoted to advancing and sharing knowledge, they should have access to the information, career satisfaction, and wealth they deserve. I hope to build a community of like-minded folks who can help each other (and me!) reach their goals, and share what they know with friends and colleagues at their home institutions.http://degreeofwealth.comWritten
All About The Bayes PhD VoiceAll Your BayesBayesian Statistics, Programming, Engineering, Data Science, Sports AnalyticsOwn WebsiteMy posts discuss some of the topics that I have worked with during my PhD (Bayesian statistics, decision analysis, information theory, value of information), but using more accessible examples, and less academic language.
I am happy to be contacted about your ideas for other applications of these methods, or about any feedback in general.
Tillery LivesReflections, PhD Journey, School CounselingOwn WebsiteThis website is the house of my ideas, thoughts, and service. I am tracking my journey throughout life so that I may educate, affirm, and connect with others.www.tillerylives.comWritten
LGBTQ+ STEM PhD VoiceLGBTQ+ Stem CastDiversity, Academia, StemApple Podcast, Spotify, AnchorA podcast where we lift the voices of LGBTQ+ scientist and learn their stories. Episodes every Monday. The podcast is specially useful for young Early-Career scientists.
Scottish Graduate School For Arts and Humanities PhD VoiceScottish Graduate School of Arts & Humanities BlogPhD life, Scottish PhD, Arts, Humanities, Student experienceOwn Website, TwitterAn Arts & Humanities blog run by a resident PhD Student with regular guest bloggers with tips, reviews and discussions on the experiences of a PhD Student. While aimed at Arts & Humanities PhD students based at Scottish universities, there are posts relevant to all PhD students regardless of location or subject.
The Struggling Anthropologist PhD VoiceThe Struggling Anthropologistcultural anthropology, academia, ethnography, fieldwork, teaching, precarityOwn WebsiteThe struggles of a cultural anthropologist after finishing her PhD, trying to find a postdoctoral position, earning money where she can, while talking about her experiences in an outside of academia.
James Azam PhD VoiceJames AzamResearch automation tutorials, Tech and Productivity tools, PhD life in Africa vlogYouTubeI provide tutorials every week on tools for automating research & productivity. I'll also be producing a series of vlogs to address PhD/academic-related issues like visibility & research impact, social media presence for academics, mental health, etc. The goal is to present everything from an African
Big lick of science PhD VoiceBig Lick of ScienceScience, Academic life, Interviews, StoriesApple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Spreaker, Stitcher, YouTubeBig Lick of Science interviews scientists involved in biomedical research, discussing their scientific fields and lives outside of science. Additionally, we delve into the history of the interviewee's field before jumping straight into the subject to provide an introduction and getting the listener's feet wet first. You'll hear from every career level of science here!
WitnessBrainScience PhD VoiceWitnessBrainScienceNeuroscience, Mental Health, Meditation, PhD and MotivationYouTubeIf you are passionate, like spontaneity and uncertainty and motivated as hell, then Academic life is for you! I will be discussing the topics that interest me a lot like neuroscience, life science, well-being, mental-health and PhD lifestyle.
You can find following playlists on my Youtube Channel:
1. PhD Vlogs
2. Lifestyle of a Neuroscience PhD candidate
3. Well-being
4. Neuroscience educational videos
5. Meet the PhD series
Storytellers of STEMM PhD VoiceStorytellers of STEMMSTEMM, storytelling, scienceAnchor, Spotify, Apple, Google, etcEveryone has a story, and these are the stories of the people in STEMM - their successes, career paths, research, field work, struggles, and everything in between. The concept is to make STEMM relatable and to show how big and variable it is. Each episode features a different storyteller.
Grad Cast Radio PhD VoiceGradcastGraduate Student Research, Grad lifePodbean, Youtube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google PodcastsGradcast is the official podcast and radio show of the Society of Graduate Students at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. We aim to showcase the innovative research that graduate students are conducting at Western University and appeal to various audiences including those within and beyond the academic community. We also recently started a new series, known as #Gradlife, where the hosts and guests discuss topics relevant to all graduate students, such as impostor syndrome, finances, and finding a career after finishing your PhD.gradcast.caAudio
Shurti's PhD PhD VoiceShruti's PhDPhD, research, coding, experience, tips and advice, personal experiencesWordpressI am a PhD Researcher at Imperial College London, having started in mid-January 2018. I've decided to write a blog about my time as a PhD student, right from the beginning - partly for self reflection but also to share my experience to hopefully inspire other to undertake a PhD or find others in the same boat as me!
For my project I'll be looking into the clinical utility of pressure sensors in lower limb prosthetic sockets. So, whilst it sounds pretty technical and engineering-y in some aspects, I hope that my blog will be accessible and interesting to all, no matter what discipline.

This blog is going to be 100% honest, my intention is to document the good, the bad and the ugly as they are and as they happen. I will try to blog at least once a week but we'll see how that goes...only time will tell!
Dark Cosmic Realm PhD VoiceDark Cosmic Realmphysics, cosmology, universe, astronomy, astrophysics, scienceOwn WebsiteThis blog is for anyone curious about the mysteries of the universe. If you've been fascinated by the unknowns of the universe, puzzled by the nature of dark energy and dark matter, and ponder upon the beginning/ultimate fate of the universe, time-traveling, search for alien life, etc., this is the place for you!https://darkcosmicrealm.comWritten
CMCriminologist PhD VoiceCMCriminologistBlogOwn WebsiteThe podcasts gives insights and resources into the world of criminology. It is useful for students and researchers in the early stage of their academic career
Educate Me PhD VoiceEducate Me: Stories of Surviving and Thriving in Graduate Schoolgraduate school, making it through graduate school, surviving graduate schoolPod Bean, or wherever you listen to podcasts!Educate Me, hosted by Brit Paris, is a podcast all about surviving and thriving in graduate school. Each week we talk with a graduate about their experiences in graduate school, their greatest challenges, and how they overcame them.
What have we done PhD VoiceWhat Have We Done?Society, Culture, Technology, Philosophy, Comedy, HistoryPodcastFor the thinkers among us, a podcast that questions every aspect of our lives through the eyes of great thinkers, past and present. New Episodes Released Weekly on Thursdays at 12:30 pm
Academic dilemmas PhD VoiceAcademic DilemmasAcademic career, skills developmentOwn WebsiteI help scientists and academics at any career stage in recognizing and overcoming their #AcademicDilemmas.https://academicdilemmas.comWritten
Mentoring Hats PhD VoiceMentoring HatsMentorship, Professional RelationshipsOwn WebsiteFor mentees: Practical advice on how to develop and maintain fruitful relationships with your mentors
For mentors: Leadership skill development to be more effective as a mentor
Stride Women PhD VoiceStrideCareers, Women, Feminism, NetworkingApple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Spotify, Overcast, PocketCasts, RadioPublicStarting a new research project or career? Need some work inspiration?
Stride is a network supporting womxn at the beginning of their career, or making a career change. In our podcast, we speak with women who inspire us, exploring what success looks like, and hearing their best advice for someone starting out on their career path.

Follow @stride_women on twitter and instagram, or check out for articles, events and more!
Your journey starts here...
Dear Grad Student PhD VoiceDear Grad StudentPhD, personal development, professional development, commiseration, celebration, being humanPodcast'Dear Grad Student' is a podcast for ALL grad students to come together to celebrate, commiserate, and support one another through grad school. The podcast is casual and conversational, and even vulnerable and raw at times. But the podcast also offers real advice and resources for grad school and the students who are living it (or want ).https://deargradstudent.buzzsprout.comAudio
Girl Thats Scary PhD VoiceGirl, That’s ScaryHorror, Sci-Fi, comedy, Race, Gender, discussionApple Podcasts, Anchor, Spotify, google play, and SoundCloudGirl, That’s Scary deep dives into the genre of horror and sci-fi through the lens of black women. We release an episode every Thursday discussing a horror sub-genre, movie franchise, spooky series, or a specific movie.www.girlsthatsscary.comAudio
Ferchucky PhD VoiceHow banana seeds are produces for breedingBanana breeding,Fusarium Tropical Race 4, Panama DiseaseYouTubeMost edible bananas are seedless, however, wild bananas and some cultivars (under certain conditions) produce seeds. Here I show the process of pollination to obtain banana seeds.
Who is afraid of humanities PhD Voice'Who is Afraid of the Humanities'?Humanities, Arts, Crisis, Urgency, Research, TeachingYouTubeIn each episode of this podcast, the host interviews students, researchers, academics, activists, and enthusiasts in the field of Arts and Humanities in different parts of the world and attempts to highlight the role of Humanities in addressing important and pressing challenges through research, teaching and other academic/activist engagements.
The objectives of this podcast are twofold; to call for active intervention within and among diverse fields in the Humanities in a bid to ‘resurrect’ the discipline from decades of institutional and intellectual neglect, and to record and archive academic debates, perspectives, dialogues on research and teaching in the Arts and Humanities and how, in individual/collective/institutionalized ways, the Arts and Humanities students, scholars, activists and enthusiasts attempt to counter this long-standing disciplinary crisis.

This podcast is conducted in Tamil, Sinhala and English.
Scicomm For Everyone PhD VoiceScicomm for everyoneBlog, science, motherhood, women in STEMOwn WebsiteScicomm for everyone wants to make science accessible for everyone. Topics related to science (and in particular food science) and motherhood and children developments are covered. In addition, every week we publish an interview with women working in STEM field.
Mehtatext PhD VoiceMe(h)tatextAcademic Writing, Writing Resources, Writing Community, Academic Writing Coach, Academic Writing WorkshopsOwn WebsiteWhy academic writing is so hard, and how to develop skills to get better at the publish/perish
ResourcefulHDR PhD VoiceResourcefulHDRPhD Careers, Resilience, Challenges, Spotify Apple podcastsThe ResourcefulHDR podcast has been created for Researchers and prospective employers to show the value of a Higher Degree Research (HDR - PhD and M.Research) education - providing different perspectives. Learn from insights, steal some strategies and discover different career paths that HDR candidates and graduates have followed. Important aspects of resourcefulness include being able to draw from knowledge and experiences, learn from others, be brave enough to ask for help & generous enough to provide it.
High Theory Podcast PhD VoiceHigh TheoryCritical Theory, Humanities, Social Science, Political Theory, Philosophy, BooksPatreon/Spotify/Stitcher/Apple PodcastsIn this podcast, we get high on the substance of theory. Run by Kim Adams and Saronik Bosu, two tired academics trying to save critique from itself, High Theory explains difficult ideas from the academy with irreverence.hightheory.netAudio
Almost a DoctorInteresting, Science, Optics, Lasers, educationalYouTubeAlmost a Doctor is a science based YouTube Channel dedicated to explaining a range of topics, from lasers to nukes and sometimes both together.
Once a scientist PhD VoiceOnce a Scientist podcastScience Careers, Career Development, Interviews, Diversity, Academia, IndustryPodcast (Spotify, iTunes, etc), Twitter, LinkedIn, WebsiteWe release an episode every week, where we interview scientists about their career paths. Guests include professors, VCs, startup founders, non-profit founders, science communicators, career coaches, consultants, etc. We talk about philosophies on life, tell funny stories, and break down the process of applying to and landing jobs in academia and beyond.www.onceascientist.netAudio
Unconventional Dyad Podcast PhD VoiceUnconventional Dyad PodcastMental health, graduate school, social justice, feminism, climate change, the artsPodcast: Spotify, Anchor, Apple PodcastsWe are two clinical psychology graduate students interested in social justice, feminism, the state of academia, the arts, clinical work, etc. Hope you can listen in!
Curiosity Cake Podcast PhD VoiceCuriosity Cake PodcastScience, History, Philosophy, Humanities, Society, CultureApple, Spotify, Google, Podbean, Stitcher, Castbox, Youtube, everywhereCuriosity Cake is a podcast celebrating #ideas for curious minds with big appetites. I interview experts across science, humanities, society, culture and more for entertaining and informative chats. Each episode covers a different topic. Released every other Tuesday until I can quit my day job.
Always on the look out for people doing interesting research to come on the show, so get in touch if that's you.
Hannah Roberts PhD VoiceDr Hannah Roberts 'Coffee & Notes'science career navigation; confidence; self esteem; personal brandingEmailHelping scientific women struggling with 'what's next?' to achieve purposeful career direction by restoring confidence and developing a 5 year vision plan.
Postdocalypse Podcast PhD VoicePostdocalypse PodcastPhD Life (Health Sciences)Podcast: Apple, Soundcloud, etcWe are a team of PhD students from King’s College London, trying to navigate the discombobulating world of academia! Join us to hear the highs and the lows of our PhD journeys and to hear us weigh in on some common postgrad problems.
The Sugar Science PhD VoicePITCH COMPETITION @ thesugarscience.orghelping scientists who study type 1 diabetes connect, collaborate and gain funding for their best ideas.Own WebsiteThe Sugar Science is hosting a PITCH COMPETITION for grad students/post docs studying type 1 diabetes and related disciplines. Create a 3 minute video about your work and submit it by Sept 17, 2020 @ 11:59pm PT. Gain exposure to top scientists and potentially earn a cash award. Judges include: Jeff Millman PhD (Wash U), Matthias Hebrok, PhD (UCSF) , Bart Roep PhD (City of Hope) and Matthias von Herrath (La Jolla Inst Immunology). See our website for more information: #supportingyoungscientists #celebratingyoungscientistswww.thesugarscience.orgAudio
Lorena Aceves PhD VoiceVive La Resistencia!PhD, self-development, grad school, BIPOCs, non-academic careersOwn WebsiteYup. Being a brown girl in academia is a daily exercise of overthrowing the system. Let’s dive in.
Welcome to my blog: Vive La Resistencia (translation: The Resistance Lives!). My name is Lorena or Dr. Aceves-Koscinski (still getting used to the whole doctor thing). I am a first-generation Latina (Mexican) scholar. I have decided now that I am officially Dr. Aceves-Koscinski to openly and unapologetically share the good, the bad, the horrors, and the awesomeness that I experienced while completing my Ph.D. With this blog, I hope to reclaim my own power, but also empower other fellow BIPOC students pursuing their PhDs by sharing my personal narrative. Through my stories, I want you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I want you to know that you are not the only one feeling the way you are feeling or believing that the crazy things you are experiencing in grad school are only happening to you. As students of colors, we must share our narratives to empower each other and join forces to improve the system for those to come in the future.
Water Cooler Neuroscience PhD VoiceWaterCooler NeuroscienceBrain SciencesPodcast, Youtube, Own WebsiteWaterCooler Neuroscience and A Brain Talking about Brains are shows which discuss how the work of researchers in their day to day roles and also the interesting history behind Psychology and Neuroscience. We have always had a proud audience of PhD researchers and post-doctorates who enjoy hearing about the work of colleagues and other laboratories around the world. We hope you enjoy and if you would like to be on our show to discuss how you research the brain then please get in touch through our twitter or website (details at the bottom of our main page and about page)
Harry Jay Cavite PhD VoiceMy Notesstructural equation modeling, SPSS, data analysis, exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, covariance-based SEMGoogle BloggerAbout structural equation modeling using SPSS-AMOS. This focused on step-by-step tutorial on how to do the process. This targets those beginners in the world of SPSS and structural equation modeling using AMOS software. It also gives link of important websites related to the topic.http://harryjaycavite.blogspot.comWritten
Walking In My Shoes PhD VoiceWalking In My Science ShoesResearch Life, PhD, Science, International ExperienceBlog WordpressMy blog highlights personalized experiences during my journey as a PhD student, my opinions and stories of my current journey as a new post-doc. From time to time, I try to highlight my identity as an international PhD student and expat in Australia, showcasing some struggles, inner thoughts that may help others to feel that they are not alone when struggling. I like to also talk about my travels, the more soft skills aspect of research (humanities), and my topics of interests in science. It is aimed towards people wanting to find out more about PhD, research life and my values as a scientist which I think showcases my personality, showing that I'm just another human being wanting to learn and share.https://walkingscienceshoes.wordpress.comWritten
You me and the sea PhD VoiceYou, Me, & the SeaMarine BiologyPodcastHosts Kaitlin and Isaiah explore the many mysteries of the sea. Who lives in there!? What are they doing?! Each episode talks about a particular topic or animal, and closes with an interview from someone doing research in that area
Mother of Phages PhD VoiceMother of PhagesPhD advice, graduate school, science, microbiologyWordpressThis is a blog where I gave short tidbits of advice to help students get through their PhD successfully! Also general science discussions on interesting topics.
GradGirlRamblesgrad school, school psychologyYouTubeI am a school psychology doctoral student interested in promoting positive mental health for graduate students and increasing exposure to the school psychology field, in general! I hope to continue expanding my vlog to provide information for people applying to grad programs as well.
Sullivan Posts PhD VoiceSullivan PostsEducational BlogOwn WebsiteSullivan Posts is designed to contribute to the community of academic writers and researchers around the world. I am a current PhD researcher studying how our mental health is affected by that thing we all use every day… social media! I studying everything from writing well-being in classroom settings to how blocking people affects our psychological health. Here I will be posting content such as graduate school health, recent publications, book reviews, and conferences in addition to offering services in writing and proofreading.
Luqman's Dyslexia BlogDyslexia, shut down kids, disengaged childrenOwn websiteA blog on why many kids can read in many languages but not in English.
How to teach disengaged kids.
Parents with kids who are unable to read and teachers will find this blog useful.
MetalloBio PhD VoiceMetalloBio BlogScience, Chemistry, Antimicrobial Resistance, Superbugs, Biology, PharmaceuticalsOwn WebsiteThe blog is a microbiology and chemistry blog, primarily focussed on antimicrobial resistance. We discuss a number of issues associated with antimicrobial resistance, the impact current healthcare issues have on it and what we can do to help in the fight against it. We also intend to talk about our own research and have guest bloggers discuss their research in related fields. Scientists will find it useful, researchers in the fields of: biochemistry, microbiology, bio-inorganic chemistry and medicine. In addition the general public will find it useful as we will discuss topics such as how the community can reduce the spread of antimicrobial resistance.
Psychedelication PhD VoicePsychedelication: Academic Adventures in Psychedelics, Spirituality and Human Connectionpsychedelics, spirituality, religion, psychology, human connection, communityOwn websiteAmy Bartlett (that's me!) is a budding psychedelic researcher and long-time community organizer now doing my PhD in psychedelics, spirituality, community building and human connection. I post regular blog posts with resources, book reviews, personal reflections and research highlights as I wend my way through this academic journey.
Jobs On Toast PhD VoiceJobs on Toast - career confidence for PhDsPhD, careers, academia, jobs, transition, coachingown websiteJobs on Toast is written for all the PhDs who want to explore their career options outside of academia. On the site you can find a comprehensive list of helpful resources including books, websites and podcasts, as well as over 50 articles written by the website’s founder, Dr Chris Humphrey. Each article addresses a particular topic with the ‘5-step framework’ for finding a career outside of academia that Chris has developed, and which is shared for free on the site. Follow us on Twitter - @jobsontoast.
Plant The Seed PhD VoicePlant The SeedPlant biology, sceince, genetics, climate changeWebsitePlant The Seed discusses how cutting-edge research from laboratories, greenhouses and fields around the world could impact our everyday lives, and what this may mean for the future of our planet, in a way everyone can understand!
Jobtalk PhD VoiceJob TalkCareer Development, Informational InterviewsOwn websiteA blog of Q&A styled informational interviews run by UC San Diego grad students to help scientists explore careers outside of the traditional academic track.stemjobtalk.comWritten
Savvy Scientist PhD VoiceThe Savvy ScientistPhD Process, PhD Life, PhD Finances, Ethical Lifestyle, Personal and Professional Development, Research ExperienceOwn WebsiteEvery week I release a new blog post to provide guidance and encouragement for prospective and current PhD students.https://www.thesavvyscientist.comWritten
The Shared Experience PhD VoiceThe Shared Experience | A #PGRLife Podcast (Videos)Video PodcastYouTubeIn this series, I interview postgraduate researchers to learn about their subject area, specific project, postgraduate journey, and experiences of academia. Each episode focuses on a single theme. We talk frankly about our perceptions and reflect upon the consequences of our research. The series is suited to everyone but may be particularly relevant to early-stage PGRs and their supervisors.
The Shared Experience PhD VoiceThe Shared Experience | A #PGRLife PodcastPGR Interview Series on #PhD and #PGR life.Podcast directories (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, etc.)In this series, I interview postgraduate researchers to learn about their subject area, specific project, postgraduate journey, and experiences of academia. Each episode focuses on a single theme. We talk frankly about our perceptions and reflect upon the consequences of our research. The series is suited to everyone but may be particularly relevant to early-stage PGRs and their supervisors.
The Shared Experience PhD VoiceOliver Delgaram-Nejad | PhD VlogPhD Vlog focused on interdisciplinarityYouTubeIn this series, I share my PhD experiences. Each episode focuses on a specific aspect of doctoral research to provide insight into the processes and emotions involved. I speak about challenges and solutions, work-life balance, questions of identity, and more. The series is suited to anyone but may be of special interest to those preparing an application, awaiting a decision, or setting out. Also, if you're thinking of working across disciplines and/or or with NHS sites, this is very much for you.
Addicted to Research PhD VoicePhD: Addicted to ResearchPhD, Academia, Mental Health, Life EventsPodcast'PhD: addicted to research' is a podcast created by PhD students funded by the Society for the Study of Addiction and is for anyone doing a PhD or thinking about doing a PhD. We are all at different stages of our studies, from starting off to writing up, and will release a podcast every 2 weeks. In the episodes, we discuss our experiences and fears about going through 3 (and more) years of study. We also interview experts to get the best tips and advice for making it to the final graduation ceremony.
Just as it sounds PhD VoiceJust as it SoundsPhD experience, challenges of being an academicPodcastOur podcast is about academics’ everyday life experiences. We interview late-stage PhD students and early-stage academics about their lives as they navigate through the world of academia. We discuss the phenomena of adjuncting for a living, the emotional challenges academics face, raising a family while getting a PhD, and more.
Academic Announcements PhD VoiceAcademic AnnouncementsSatire, Comedy, Parody, Accesibility, AdmissionApple Podcasts, Youtube, SoundcloudSatirical podcast collecting the various announcements of the esteemed Professor Rotsage.
Provides me an outlet to vent my academic frustrations, and hopefully provides you with some comic relief!
Scienvy PhD VoiceSciEnvyEnvironmental science, PhD life, Research, AcademiaWebsite & twitterAn environmental science blog brought to you by PhD students on the ARIES Doctoral Training Partnership. Check it out for field work stories, lab work antics and general PhD life insights.
EdBurritoPod PhD VoiceThe Education Burritostudent engagement, pedagogy, technology, higher educationPodbean, Spotify, Apple iTunes, Stitcher, Breaker, Overcast, Tunein, Deezer, Podchaser, CastboxPodcast unwrapping the highs and lows of student engagement and learning and teaching in higher education.
Talia Vestri PhD VoiceTeaching Tips Blogonline teaching, pedagogy, course design, discussion strategies, active learning, digital toolsOwn WebsiteA blog offering tips and tricks for designing and teaching courses in higher education, particularly for classes with a humanities- or discussion-based approach. Reflects on strategies learned from digital pedagogy as well as traditional classroom learning
Pei Qin Sabrina PhD VoiceThe Dataminer's DiaryPhD, work life balance, research, grad school, data science, plant scienceOwn websiteA journal-style blog that shares a journey of a PhD student in Australia. This blog aims to discuss issues and provide insights revolving a broad range of topics: research, academia, gradschool, scicomm, bioinformatics, data science, and plant genetics/epigenetics research.
Elemental Collision PhD VoiceElemental CollisionIntersectional approaches to technology, life, humanityYouTube, (all podcast services), elementalcollision.comInterviews with individuals and companies who are defining community, looking at (or expounding upon) psychosocial concepts like comedy in adversity, gaming as a means of community building, technology pivots and community aids.
Adam Simpson PhD VoiceGetting into a Top Graduate School - Adam's Graduate School Application Guide!Applications, Letters-of-Rec, Emails, Personal-Statements, CV, ResumeYouTubeHey Everyone,
I wrote this graduate school application guide to help answer some questions I searched hard to find the answers to when I applied. I hope to support as many people as possible by sharing this info.

I mention the National Science Foundation (NSF) Engineering Research Center, ReNUWIt (i.e., Reinventing the Nation's Urban Water Infrastructure). I have been involved with ReNUWIt for 4 years and have met so many amazing students, faculty and staff from all our affiliated campuses (i.e., UC Berkeley, New Mexico State University, the Colorado School of Mines, and Stanford). I highly encourage you to check the website out below and learn about cutting edge water research:

You may access the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP), Application Guide written by Casey Finnerty and Emily Cooke and my application guide as well at the following ReNUWIt link:

If you'd like to support me please buy me a coffee:

-This helps me create awesome content and afford great equipment to make my videos even better.

Adam Simpson PhD Voice 2Adam's Graduate School Application GuideGraduate-School, Mentorship, Letters-of-Rec, Emails, CV, ApplicationsOwn WebsiteHey Everyone,
This guide is catering to people interested in graduate school in STEM fields (particularly those interested in a Master's or PhD, mostly PhD though...). In this guide and supplemental info, I outline many things including:

1. How to search for a potential PI
2. Sending emails to potential PIs - how to show commitment to research
3. Soliciting useful letters of recommendation (this is an art!!)
4. Personal Statement Examples
5. Writing a Curriculum Vitae (CV)
6. Asking for application fee waivers.
7. Graduate School Fellowships
- And the list goes on

The guide is completely free! However if you'd like to support me you can "Buy me a Coffee" or send me a tip on Venmo Find my info at this linktree:
Veronika Cheply PhD (personal blog)Failure in academia, productivity, PhD lifeOwn websiteI want science to be more open and inclusive! If you feel like you don't belong in academia, you might find it helpful to read mine and others' experiences. I also share tips about organizing your work, and PhD life in the Netherlandshttps://www.veronikach.comWritten
Maria Tornroos PhD VoicePhD PathfinderWellbeing, coaching, social support, academia, PhD journeyWordpressWhether you need support to survive and thrive on your PhD journey or you want to improve your self-management skills as a scientist, the PhD Pathfinder is the right place for you.
I post every week about topical issues concerning doctoral student wellbeing, self-care and work life. I also provide advice for time-management and other issues doctoral students may face in their daily work.
The Rookie Researcher Podcast PhD VoiceThe Rookie Researcher PodcastResearch, PhD, social science, postgraduate.Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google Podcasts.My name is Redmond Scales and Welcome to the rookie researcher podcast, the podcast where we dive into the diverse world of postgraduate research topics. The aim of this podcast is to give postgraduates that very chance, to come on and discuss their research in a casual environment to give you, the listener an opportunity to learn the motivations behind their research and the challenges to the they face.
Humans of grad school PhD VoiceHumans of Grad SchoolStorytelling, Grad school, Identity, LifePodbean, Apple Podcasts, SpotifyA podcast about humans who happen to go to grad school.
When pursuing graduate studies, we often identify ourselves as graduate students - but so often, that is only a piece of who we are. Humans of Grad School explores the lives, motivations, and inspirations of graduate students and who they are both in relation to and outside of their research.
PhD Addicted To Research PhD VoicePhD Addicted to ResearchExperiences of PhD, PhD life, advice, resourcesSpotify, Acast, Apple‘PhD: addicted to research’ is a podcast created by SSA-funded PhD students that will help anyone doing a PhD or anyone thinking about doing a PhD. We are all at different stages of our studies, from starting off to writing up, and will release a podcast every 2 weeks which will be available on Acast and the other main podcast providers. In the episodes, we discuss our experiences and fears about going through 3 years of study. We also interview experts to get the best tips and advice for making it to the final graduation ceremony.
We are very grateful to George Verrall for producing the music for this podcast.
Self Compassionate Professor PhD VoiceSelf-Compassionate Professoroffers inspiration and tools to academics and former academics looking for meaning, purpose, and freedom in careerPodcastSelf-Compassionate Professor features interviews with academics and former academics who have actively sought greater career wellness by paving unique, creative, and self-compassionate career paths both within and outside academia.
Charting The Commentaries PhD VoiceCharting the Commentaries for a modern audience with Fellows and Torch: Bringing the seminal work of Pope Pius II (1405-64) to life.Renaissance History, Papal History, Student blogWebsite/TwitterThis project like many things we discuss, came to fruition over Facebook Messenger one Friday afternoon at the start of October 2020. Whilst both of us have read parts of the Commentaries of Pius II, we both acknowledged the fact that it deserves a proper read through in its entirety, and this pandemic-time would be a good chance to collaboratively read the text and see what we could discover. Every fortnight we hope to cover a chapter from the Commentaries. We'll discuss interesting/notable parts, the main places or people of interest and add any visual images to illuminate the text further. In short we hope to provide our own 'commentary' on the Commentaries.
The Hublic Sphere PhD VoiceThe Hublic SpherePublic HumanitiesSoundCloud and Institutional WebsiteThe Hublic Sphere is a space where academics, activists, and the public come together to discuss societal questions and problems. It is a jargon free space where no question is off limits. Each episode is led by a researcher within the humanities and explores their relationship to the season's theme. The Hublic Sphere aims to champion participation from all listeners to engage in public debate, policy, and education.
2 Daves and a DocTwo Daves and a Doc PodcastPhd, Process, Fun, Research, Startups, Technology, Phd JourneyYoutube,, TwitterSo, you're going to be starting your PhD or you're at least considering it. Let's bring you along the journey with us. In Episode 1, we will we covering the Why, the What and the How of a PhD. You'll hear our stories, our thoughts, our bemusement at the process and, hopefully, you'll learn a thing or two along the way.
How Beasties Behave PhD VoiceHow Beasties BehaveBiology, Zoology, Animal behaviour, Ecology, Conservation, WildlifeOwn websiteA blog aimed at anyone and everyone interested in animal behaviour and ecology. I post regularly about recent research, controversies and my projects in the field of behavioural ecology.
Steven Allain PhD VoiceSteve's Herpetological BlogHerpetology, Science Communication, Book Reviews, PhD ResearchWordpressHelping to break down herpetology (and my research) into bite-size chunks so that the general public can understand them whilst also reviewing relevant books and documentaries that cover all aspects of the natural world.
Dense City Podcasts PhD VoiceDense City PodcastPodcastAnchor, Spotify, Radio Public, Pocket Casts, Overcast, Google Podcasts, and BreakerA podcast that discusses academic articles and books on the topic of cities with the researchers who write them.
Research Masterminds PhD VoiceResearch Mastermindsresearch, academia, publish, postgraduate, writing, motivationWebsite & YouTube ChannelResearch Masterminds shares solutions to challenges typically experienced by researchers, academics and postgraduate students. Together, through sharing what we know, we will make our own and the lives of others easier!
Earth Ideas PhD VoiceEarth Ideas PodcastAcademic, Research, Science, long form, interviewYoutube, Spotify, Apple etc, all links are at form interviews with academics, scientists & journalists about their areas of research
Vitamin PhD Podcast PhD VoiceVitaminPhDProfessional Development, PhD Careers, Academic LifeApple Podcasts, SpotifyVitamin PhD is a podcast produced at Boston University for anyone who is pursuing a doctorate, has a doctorate, or supporting others on their doctoral journey. The podcast delivers career narratives and skills know-how in multiple formats. In Career Pathways episodes, we help you explore career options by interviewing people who have earned their doctorate and now work in a variety of sectors. In our Navigating Challenges episodes, we discuss issues that can present difficulties in graduate school, and we provide tips to help you succeed. During our Roundtables, we talk with current PhDs about their experiences at BU. Whether you tune in during your daily commute or while working on your research, we hope that Vitamin PhD can help you learn, laugh, and connect to our listening community.
The Bio Girls PhD VoiceThe BioGirlsWomen in STEM, career advice, professional developmentOwn websiteThe Bio Girls is an initiative created to celebrate women and women's allies in science. We aim to bring you interesting and useful content each month, focusing on the latest in research and innovation, techniques, and opinion.
AMINDR PhD VoiceA Month in Neurodegenerative Disease ResearchNeurodegenerative Diseases, research, Alzheimer's disease, publications, neurosciencePodcast: on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and our site: amindr.comThis is a podcast made by scientists for scientists, to help you save time so you can conduct better research.
Every month, we sort the latest primary research articles in Alzheimer's disease into themes, and present summaries of the abstracts. Think of this as flash news of what has been published in the field. We hope you find this podcast useful and accessible, whether you listen to it on your way to the lab, while cooking your meal, or during your run. We plan to expand to other neurodegenerative diseases in the future.
Themes include: disease mechanisms (mitochondrial dysfunction, protein aggregation, cerebrovascular changes, synaptic dysfunction...), risk factors, the genetic landscape, diagnostic tools (imaging, biomarkers, cognitive testing,...), and treatment development (new drug development, refining existing drugs, non-pharmacological approaches,...).

Who will find this useful: scientists at any stages of their training whose focus is Alzheimer's disease, specifically: graduate students, postdocs, research associates, research technicians, seniors researchers, professors
Oli Charity PhD VoiceSynthetic and natural sciencesBiology, microbiology, Academic life, bioinformatics, themes, concepts, science communicationwordpressMy blog includes posts that are informal comdeic discussions abput topics in academia, current science events, biology, molecular biology and microbiology, as well as more formal essays which I conduct as writing practise. It is entertaining as well as informative.ojdcharity.wordpress.comWritten
Jess Froe PhD VoiceThe Daily PsychClinical psych, graduate admissions, PhDOwn WebsiteThe Daily Psych focuses on providing pertinent, helpful guidance for PhD admissions in psychology. Topics include finding programs, reaching out to faculty, writing personal statements, and organization.www.thedailypsych.comWritten
Offspring Magazine PhD VoiceOffspring Magazine the Podcast(Max Planck PhDnet)Open Science, science communication, careersAnchorIt’s a podcast about PhDs trying to understand Research Culture, Open Science, Open Access, Research Assessment, Scientific Misconduct, research integrity, career paths, and many more. Aim is to communicate science and the academic culture behind science in a clear and transparent way for everyone to understand. Hosted and produced by PhD researchers of the Max Planck Society in Germany
The Addiction Psychologist PhD VoiceThe Addiction PsychologistAddiction, Psychology, Clinical Practice, Public Health, Prevention and InterventionPodcast available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Castbox, Breaker, Anchor, RadioPublic, Overcast, and Pocket CastersDiscussions and interviews about all things addiction psychology, from cutting edge research to clinical practice and public health intervention. All to increase addiction literacy with the hopes of enhancing nationwide recovery. Official podcast of the Society for Addiction Psychology.
Quantitude PhD VoiceQuantitudequantitative methods, data analysis, academiaPodcastGreg Hancock and Patrick Curran host this popular weekly podcast aimed at researchers and students who use quantitative methods, covering issues and best practices applying across many disciplines. Equal parts quant stuff and silliness. Join us!quantitudepod.orgAudio
The Deliberate Owl PhD VoiceThe Deliberate Owlpost academic life, alternative academic careers, life planning, work-life balance, parenting, educationown websiteLooking for life balance, parenting with a PhD, or a more flexible alt-ac / post-ac career? We're a blogging duo with backgrounds in tech, robots, art, and writing. Our goal is to encourage deliberate choices, individual responsibility, and lifelong curiosity by sharing stories about our adventures in living, loving, and learning.
Jkory PhD Voicejakory.comPhD life, graduate student life, academic writing, work-life balance, parenting, researchown websiteAdvice for grad students on writing, life balance, having kids. and more; reflections on PhD life; sci comm posts about my research; and more!
Enya Daynes PhD VoiceAHP ResearcherResearch tips for allied health professionals at all stages of their career.MediumThis blog is to help allied health professionals engage in research throughout all stages of their career. There will be helpful hints and tips on navigating the research landscape. Not all content is specific for allied health professionals so anyone can join the discussion. If there's a topic you want to hear more about, or if you want to contribute, tweet me
Shah Nawaz Jelil PhD VoiceLife in the wild: How it all beganPersonal journeyBloggerI am documenting my journey as a full time researcher in wildlife ecology/conservation ecology. This first series of podcast will be a personal note on the journey, as to how it all started and to where it has led me. If you like listening to personal struggles, please stay tuned and feel free to share among people that you care about. Hope you like it!https://jelilensis.blogspot.comWritten
Ian C Elliott PhD VoicePublic Service MattersPublic Service, Public Management, Leadership, Teaching and Pedagogy, Doctoral ResearchOwn websiteMy blog presents my personal reflections on my teaching and research. This relates specifically to public management and administration. I am interested in many aspects of public management and administration including the nature and state of the subject. I also have a number of posts relating to the doctoral (PhD / DProf)
Soft Modeling PhD VoiceMy Research RantsResearch, funding, career, software, engineeringOwn websiteMy research rants. Because research is not only a passion but also a job and like all jobs, it sometimes sucks!
Australian Council of Graduate Research PhD VoiceGraduate Research Impactresearch training, research careers, research impactOwn websiteThe Australian Council of Graduate Research (ACGR) Graduate Research Impact Blog aims to promote the value that graduate researchers bring to a knowledge-based economy. We want to highlight the importance of research graduates for the volume and quality of research conducted in Australia, the impacts Australia’s research graduates have through the research they conduct, and the vast and diverse impacts they have throughout their careers.
The Criminology Academy PhD VoiceThe Criminology AcademyCriminology, Criminal Justice, Graduate School, PhD, Academic Life, The AcademyPodcast Players, Our websiteA podcast, hosted by Jose Sanchez and Jennifer Tostlebe, two doctoral students at CU Boulder, where we talk about research in the field of criminology with field experts, our own work, and life as grad students. We will be releasing episodes every 2 weeks. You can find Jose on twitter @jsanchez318 and Jenn @jenntostlebe. For those listening on Apple Podcast, subscribe, rate and review! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: @thecrimacademy, visit our website www.thecriminologyacademy.comthecriminologyacademy.comAudio
Marloes Peeters PhD VoiceMarloes PeetersDr Peeters' YouTube channel covers topical research such as 3D printing and sensors, but also discusses practical advice such as "How to..." select your PhD project and write research papersYouTubeDr Peeters' YouTube channel covers topical research such as 3D printing and sensors, but also discusses practical advice such as "How to..." select your PhD project and write research papers
Ana Pineda PhD VoiceI focus and writeScientific Writing, Productivity, Mindfulness, Personal development, Group coachingOwn websiteThe blog and what I do is around what I call "Mindful Scientific Writing". I write about topics related to writing, to do with the right mindset, to productivity, and to everyday struggles of being a scientist and/or an academic. I approach this with a comedy-drama tone because having fun is important in life! And my goal is to help scientists to have a more productive, creative, and productive academic life, and specifically, scientific writing experience! For that, I write in the blog, offer plenty of free resources, and an online course on "Mindful Scientific Writing"
Mani Pillai PhD Voicehttps://manipillai.comReflections on career experiences and strategiesWordpressI am running this blog for two reasons. Firstly, there are insightful academic research papers and books on a plethora of work issues which practitioners are not always aware of. I hope to share and discuss some of these critical pieces of work in my blog to help to bridge industry with academia. Secondly, this blog will also reflect on my transition to academia and my research journey.https://manipillai.comWritten
Gautham Reddy PhD VoiceRevolution SquareScience & EngineeringSpotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts & YoutubeExploring science, engineering, education, history, life & philosophy to expand the boundaries of our consciousness enabling us to live a better life every day.
The podcast is structured in a way that it is consumable by anyone who's keenly interested in Science and Engineering, Original Thinking, Education and Philosophy.
Academia net PhD VoiceAcademiac.netPhD advice, Soft Skills, Career, Mental Health, Switzerland, Doctoral EducationOwn website, WordPressA blog for PhD students and other Early Career Researchers, with resources and posts on careers, mental health and soft skills in academia, with a focus on Switzerland! Talking about the importance of doctoral programs and career development program to improve the PhD experience and fight the mental health crisis in academia.
The Cosmic Cast PhD VoiceThe Cosmic CastPodcastYouTube, SpotifyAn Earth and planetary science themed podcast from researchers at the University of Manchester. We interview academics from all career stages about their research and journey through academia. We're mostly aimed at geology or science undergraduates, or anyone interested in science!
Christine PhD VoiceDr Christine Kaemmer | Academic writing coachWriting tips, Academic writing, Creative writing, Writer's block, Creative techniques, Business writingOwn websiteAre you struggling with your thesis, feeling overwhelmed by the (writing) task? Let me give you some techniques that will help you find flow in your writing! I am a writing coach based in Vienna, Austria - and I know exactly how you feel.
Have a look at my blog post "5 Things about academic writing..." to get you started. If you're still feeling stuck, get in touch. You could join one of my online writing sessions (some are free-of-charge). My regular blog and newsletter are in German, but I have a separate English mailing list for international readers at:
She in STEM PhD VoiceShe in STEM - The Academic ExperienceA blog about female experiences in academiaOwn WebsiteShe in STEM provides a platform for exchange and support for women in science. An active researcher writes about her experiences in the STEM world. Topics include everyday challenges of scientists, mental health, success stories, leadership, networking, work-life balance, toxic work environments...
Research DiariesResearch DiariesWork and life of a scientist; career advice for students; PhD, Masters and study advice; STEM career journey; cancer immunology and immunotherapy researchInstagram, YoutubeResearch Diaries is a diary and blog of Maria Sharif, the Scientist 👩🏻‍🔬 Maria founded her Instagram blog in 2018 when she was a Masters student and she gained 1000+ followers in less than a year. In her blog, Maria posts about her work and life as a research laboratory scientist in the field of cancer immunology and immunotherapy. The blog also covers STEM career advice for students considering going into science and applying for undergraduate lab placements, Masters and PhD.
Maria is very passionate about research and enjoys sharing her experiences and advice with students at different academic levels. She also has a YouTube channel of the same name (Research Diaries), which she has started in spring 2020:
Trauma Informed Teachers PhD VoiceTrauma-Informed TeachersEducation, mental health, trauma, trauma-informed practicesWebsite, YouTube, Instagram, TwottweI developed Trauma-Informed Teachers to communicate directly with teachers about what I have learned and continue to learn about working with trauma-affected youth. From shifting deficit perspectives and becoming culturally sustaining to brain-based learning and mindfulness in the classroom, I want to share these tools with you right now. Let's make a difference for the students whose life experiences have made school more difficult for them. Head on over to the blog for practical support and sign up to receive emails and stay in the loop about new findings, tools, and resources.traumainformedteachers.comWritten
The Social Breakdown PhD VoiceThe Social BreakdownSociology, Social SciencesApple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Facebook, Twitter, Own WebsiteA podcast where we break down our complex world one topic at a time using our sociological imagination, and bring sociology down from the ivory tower of academia.www.thesocialbreakdown.comAudio
Queen of excellence PhD VoiceAcademics, Career and AdultingResearch and WritingYouTubeI post about thesis writing, study skills and managing oneself as a career-oriented young adult and university student.
Naz a glacier guy PhD VoiceFirst Day of my PhD at the University of Lausanne (UNIL)First Day of PhD, PhD life, University of Lausanne, Switzerland, GeographyYouTubeLike all other passionate researchers, I also had the dream to get the taste of the first day of PhD and finally all the hard-work I did with honesty and determination really paid off. So, I wanted to capture each moment of this memorable first day of my PhD and for this reason, I made a vlog to share my experience with everyone and I really do hope this will motivate all the passionate research aspirants who are currently preparing or planning to start their PhDs.
So, if you feel it's interesting to you then please do watch the vlog on my YouTube channel (Geonaz) and if you enjoy the vlog, then feel free to share with others and subscribe to Geonaz (at for all my upcoming vlogs. Thank you (merci beaucoup).
Academics Only PhD VoiceAcademics OnlyGraduate, job, tenure, publish, teach, infographicWebsite -- AcademicsOnly.orgAcademics Only is a "how-to" community for anyone interested in academia. It's specifically intended to grow into a community collection of best practices that's helpful to three groups people:
​1) PhD students, 2) new professors, and 3) independent scholars.
The ideas and advice here will hopefully help you speed down the right road with the fewest false-starts, wrong turns, and dead-ends.
Genius Lab Gear PhD VoiceLife after the PhD - Finishing grad school and what's on the other sideAcademic writing, conference tips, interviewing, industry careers, engineering, graduationOwn WebsiteTips for making the post-PhD transition to industry based on my 3 years of experience, including hiring new PhDs to my group. Also tips for academic writing and books every PhD should read.
Graduate Debris PhD VoiceGraduate DebrisCareer, academics, grad life, personal finance, graduate admissionsWebsiteGraduate Debris is a resource blog for people before, during, and after grad school. Topics include academics and grad student life, careers, and personal finance.

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