Graphical Abstract Competition


Welcome to the Graphical Abstract Competition! Only the best and greatest research comp ever!! 🙂

Open to all PhD students and ECRs around the world!

Send your Graphical Abstracts to for your chance to win some valuable prizes.

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What is the Graphical Abstract Competition?

It’s a competition where PhD students and ECRs submit graphical abstracts of their research (whether that’s their entire projects or just small fractions of them) and the public votes on their favorites. It’s that simple.

So enter, get your friends and family to vote, and win some amazing prizes!

Did you say prizes??

As a matter of fact we did say prizes (with an “s” because there’s more than one prize, and they’re all awesome).

1st place prize is Tress Academic’s “Paper Writing Course”, valued over $1,000. An 8 week course where you’ll learn how to write a paper that will get accepted by internationally acclaimed journals. Tress Academic specializes in helping PhD students and ECRs grow. Find out more here: Tress Academic requests that the winner provide feedback about their experience halfway through and at the end, and for them to use this feedback (inc. name and picture) for promotion of their program in the future.

2nd place prize is a $150 gift card for Amazon or your local store, generously given by ResearchRabbit.

3rd place prize is proofreading of your next document up to 9,000 words, valued at $100. This prize is given by us :). You can find out more here, including what others have to say about our professional quality at very affordable prices.

All of these prizes are awesome, so what are you waiting for!!

Do I need to be good at drawing to draw a decent Graphical Abstract?

Not at all! The most important thing about a graphical abstract is getting your message across. Drawing skills are of secondary importance. The “story” of your abstract is far more important.

Besides, there are valuable prizes for all 3 places! So you don’t need to be the best artist to win something great!

Give it a shot! At the very least, you’ll have a new graphical abstract about your research that you can use wherever you like. And, you’ll get better at drawing graphical abstracts, which will only help you in your future research career. 🙂

If you’re not convinced, just look at some of the drawings we’ve sent out into the world – here. They’re not too good, but people still like them because the stories are good. They get the message across. And these drawings are only after 1 week of learning how to draw with Inkscape (a free, powerful, and easy-to-use drawing software).

Who knows, you might win some prizes! Each one is worth quite a lot of money. 🙂

Drawing is fun! We guarantee that you’ll enjoy yourself 🙂

The Graphical Abstract Competition timeline

Abstract Entries Open: December 7th (Send you graphical abstract in via email to:

Abstract Entries Closing Date: December 28th

Voting Opens: December 30th (Via this page, tell your friends to vote for you!)

Voting Closes: January 14th 2021

(Note: This date has been extended one day due to technical difficulties.)

Winners Announced: January 18th 2021 (Via Twitter @PhDVoice)

How To Enter

Simply send your graphical abstract, along with 100 words describing it, to us at by December 28th! (2020).

Make sure to include your name and your short write up explaining your abstract. We’ll do the rest! 🙂

Prize Providers

TRESS ACADEMICTress Academic PhD Voice

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Finer details

You will still own your graphical abstract. So, you can use it at a later date for your own academic benefit.

We will upload your abstract (and the accompanying text) onto our website (this site) so that the public can vote for their favorites during the comp.

We will also tweet out your abstract during the competition to encourage people to look at yours and vote for it. We will also upload it to our Instagram page during the competition for the same purpose. This will help you get more votes and win one of the great prizes!

This is simply for the comp and you have every right to use it (your own work) how you would like – whether that’s for papers, posters, presentations, on your personal website, etc., during and after the competition.

By sending us your abstract for this competition, you’re telling us that you’re okay with this.