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1st Place: Abstract B

2nd Place: Abstract K

3rd Place: Abstract J

The abstracts can be found below! NOTE: only the winning abstracts have been included below. For copyright purposes all others have been removed. If you would like to see all of them, you can find them on Twitter by searching for our Graphical Abstract Competition.

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The Abstracts:

Abstract A

Abstract B

A simple and elegant GA prepared for our Applied Science article. Prepared in MS
PowerPoint, the blue color gives a comfortable look blending with tools logos, and the title summarizes the work. It is a workflow of the study. We used Google Earth Engine to collect Landsat bands and derived indices along with DEM for Slope. These composites were classified using Random Forest and Gradient Boost in R for land cover maps. The visualization of land cover and change maps were done in ArcGIS Pro. Everyone can understand it and a geospatial enthusiast can understand a lot from a glance.

Abstract C

Abstract D

Abstract E

Abstract F

Abstract G

Abstract H

Abstract I

Abstract J

The colon cancer microenvironment is composed both by cancer and nonmalignant cells, like macrophages, and also by the extracellular matrix (ECM). At first, macrophages try to eliminate cancer cells, which develop inhibitory mechanisms that disguise them and allow the escape from immune recognition. Additionally, cancer cells together with ECM components persuade macrophages to cooperate with them, giving rise to tumor-associated macrophages. These cells secret a huge number of immunosuppressive and pro-tumor chemokines, as CCL18, that recruit cell populations and favors disease progression. In my work, I intend to dissect this ECM-macrophages-cancer cells triad crosstalk.

Abstract K

Gibraltar is a British territory located at the southern edge of the Iberian Peninsula in which a unique cultural and linguistic situation has evolved. Previous studies have shown interest in generational analysis, focusing special attention on linguistic changes and evolution. Those analyses register an almost-exclusive use of Spanish among the oldest generation and a drastic switch to English (official language) among the youngest generation. This project focuses on getting an understanding of the linguistic situation among the young population in Gibraltar. The aim is to determine if bilingualism and the vernacular language of the community: yanito/llanito continue to be part of the linguistic and cultural identity of the new generations aged between 18 and 35. 

Abstract L