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The free online database telling you the best journal to submit your manuscript to.

-Cause life’s too short to put up with reviewer 2’s.

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PhD Voice


Can’t decided which journal to send your paper to? Which one’s easiest? Which one’s best?

Don’t know if a journal is full of reviewer 2’s…or good reviewers?

Use the search bar to look up journals and find out

What is the Journal Rater?

A database accessible to all researchers.

  • Add your experiences with certain journals (remain anonymous if your want!)
  • Look up whether you should send your manuscript to a certain journal or not

The database includes ratings on:

  • The quality of the reviewers (are the reviewers good or are they terrible)
  • The speed of the peer-review and publishing process
  • How easy the reviewer comments are
  • How many rounds of reviews you can expect
  • Whether fellow researchers would recommend submitting manuscripts with the journal or not
  • Whether it’s Open Access and free to publish

All information comes from the experiences of fellow researchers submitting their manuscripts with the journals. Use each other’s experiences so you don’t have to risk getting poor reviewers,  waste time with journals that aren’t worth it, and find good journals that want your work!

Who Can Give Their Experiences?

Every researcher can add their experiences to help a fellow researcher dodge a terrible journal experience, and help find those great journals.

Had a terrible experience with a journal? Upload your experience here – it’s valuable for every researcher. Had a great experience with a journal? Upload it too! They’re all important! The best part is you can remain anonymous if you want to!

Check out journals here to see which one is the nicest to submit your manuscript to.

Tell your friends. The more people rating journals and adding their experiences, the better the database becomes and the more you benefit from it.

All for free!

-Only by PhD Voice!