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Applications for the 2021/2022 year are now open!

We’re proud to offer the PhD Voice© PhD Scholarship.

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We award it every year to help financially support a PhD student.

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What is the PhD Voice© PhD Scholarship for?

The PhD Voice© PhD Scholarship is to help support a PhD student, financially, for the coming academic year.

Being a PhD student can be difficult – low pay, bills, and little time for anything else. This scholarship is to help with that financial burden. Leaving you more time to PhD!

Who can enter?

Are you doing a PhD or enrolled to start a PhD this coming academic year? Yes? Then you can enter!

Any PhD student can apply, regardless of where you’re from, or what field you’re in – doing a PhD in Literature? Great! In Chemistry? Fantastic! – we’re open to all fields!

If you don’t think you’re worthy of the PhD Voice© PhD Scholarship, you should enter anyway because you might be underestimating how much you need it – let us consider your application!

The 2020/21 PhD Voice Scholarship

We’re proud to have Felicity Parry as the 2020/21 PhD Voice Scholarship.

Felicity is a PhD student at Bangor University and studies teaching children who are multilingual. A fantastic way to promote and celebrate multiculturalism in the next generation.

Felicity Parry PhD Voice

How much is the Scholarship?

Last year (2020/21 academic year), we were able to raise $402.24. We plan to beat it the coming academic year (2021/22).

Our scholarship is partly comprised of donations we receive throughout the year.

We also fund it through the proceeds we receive from the various services we provide, with the Org’s operating costs accounted for.

Because of the way we’re able to fund the scholarship, the amount is dependent on how much we receive through our own efforts and services, through partnerships with like-minded people, and through general donations.

The money will be paid out through PayPal, FYI.

When do applications close?

The applications for this year close on the 15th September (2021).

When is the Scholarship awarded?

1st October (2022)

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General FAQs

Scholarship Questions

Some of us here at have been fortunate to complete our PhDs already. We also know how hard it can be, financially-speaking, to do a PhD. So we developed this scholarship to help those going through their PhDs now.

This scholarship has become even more important since we entered into the “lockdown” and “social distancing” period, which puts further financial strain on PhD students.

No. This scholarship is completely there to help you with your current PhD. You have not research requirements with this scholarship. In other words, it’s purely there to help you financially through your PhD.

You need proof that you’re a PhD student, so your university email address (if you don’t have one yet, then you should use someone who is currently at the university you’ll be attending).

Include what your PhD means to you, your field, and why you need the scholarship – we love seeing people who are passionate about what they do. Many PhD students do a PhD because they love their field even though they know that they’ll be struggling financially, so that plays a big factor in our decision.

Include some references to papers you’ve authored, perhaps your personal website detailing your work, academic social media such as ResearchGate or Google Scholar.

And anything else that you think might help!

We base our decision on how much the scholarship would help the PhD student’s studies, so you can still receive this scholarship if you have one already.

No! This scholarship is for any PhD student regardless of the field they’re studying.

Yes. One of the requirements of this PhD scholarship is that you must be a PhD student during the entire 2021/22 academic year.

Whatever you like! You can use the scholarship to help pay the bills while you’re PhDing, or on books you might need, or on conferences if you don’t have the funding for it, or anything else you need during your PhD.

The PhD Voice PhD Scholarship is designed to help financially support you while you’re doing your PhD.

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Part of the PhD Voice© PhD Scholarship is funded through generous donations throughout the year, from generous people like yourself. If you, your family, your university, or your friends would like to contribute to the scholarship follow this link here. It means a lot to the PhD students! Thank you!

Every donation $10 or more will get a tweet from us with your (or your business’) handle included – thousands of people will see it.

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