100 Tips For Doing Your PhD EBook



PhDs are hard. They’re long, and filled with doubt, problems, and setbacks.

These 100 tips make your PhD easier and help stabilize you and your project during your journey.

Imagine how these 100 tips will help you get your PhD.

They cover everything from effective time management tools (tip #27), to managing the imposter syndrome (tip #50), to how to keep motivated (tip #19), to how to formulate the question of your PhD (tip #7), to how to make friends during your PhD (tip #38), to how to enjoy your time as a PhD student (tip #57), and 94 other tips ranging the spectrum of problems and difficulties faced during your PhD.


The 100 tips in this book apply to all PhD students regardless of their fields and subfields. They are universal.


How this book was written:

PhD Voice has become a leading figure for PhD students around the world. It has interacted with 100,000s of PhD students, resulting in PhD Voice having unparalleled experience and knowledge of the problems and challenges PhD students face every day.

As such, we wrote this book to help PhD students as much as possible. To that end, after we wrote it, we sent it to 51 academics from our community to review and provide constructive feedback. These academics span all stages of their careers, from just starting their PhDs to full professors.

We then used their feedback to further improve this book.

Additionally, as part of their feedback, we asked them to give it a rating out of 10 (with 10 being the highest). It averaged 9.1/10…before we even used their good feedback to make the book even better.


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110% Money Back Guarantee:

The responses to this book have been phenomenal, and we’re so confident that you’ll find this book incredibly useful for your PhD, that if you’re not satisfied with it, we’ll give you a 110% refund. Yes, an additional 10% of what you paid plus the original 100% you paid!



“I really loved the 100 Tips for PhD Students book! I’m a first year PhD student and this book would be perfect for students starting their PhD journey! I think the most important tip was placed exactly where it needed to be, number 1. My PhD journey is different from any academic experience I’ve ever had and most of the time I am trying to figure out who I need to be. But the only person I can be is myself. Not every opportunity will be fit for me, and it is okay to say no.

The tips are organized and explained in the perfect amount of detail. The tip titles are short, and the descriptions are to the point. They are perfect little guides and reminders for the journey.
PhD programs are different depending on the field of study. If I were to add/change anything, I would make the Tips for specific fields and make it a series like 100 Tips for PhD Students in… (law, education, higher education, medical, etc.).
Overall, I’d give the book a 10/10. The tips are great little reminders of what PhD students should remember or do. It is an important journey and these tips help remind me of what I should do to get the most out of my journey.” – Amy

“As an incoming PhD student, I have been feeling overwhelmed when thinking about grad school. However, after reading the book “100 Tips for Doing Your PhD”, I found it to be a great resource with a broad range of advice covering topics from daily habits to networking strategies. The tips are written in a concise and easy-to-understand manner, making them accessible to students to apply in their daily lives and revisit for relief.

It is amazing to know how to deal with stress and problems that one might encounter in grad school from people who are or have been in our shoes. One of the book’s strengths is the diversity of tips presented, from practical advice on workload organization to nuanced guidance on navigating academic relationships with your supervisor and co-authors. It emphasizes the importance of collaboration, presenting concrete strategies for building a network of colleagues and experts in the field, which will ensure fair recognition and help in one’s career later on. It also highlights the importance of utilizing resources available to students, such as the library and teaching opportunities, that will enhance one’s academic experience.

I particularly appreciated the advice on presenting “negative” findings, which encourages students to see negative results as an opportunity for valuable learning and discovery rather than failure. This perspective can shift the focus from solely publishing positive results to contributing to the deeper understanding of the research area.

Overall, I highly recommend reading “100 Tips for Doing Your PhD.” It provides a wealth of practical and much-needed advice that we often overlook. It has helped me relax a little, and I will definitely refer to it throughout my PhD.” – Additi

“To sum up my experience of reading the book, I really thoroughly enjoyed it because every single tip made me realise that ‘I’m not alone’. I casually discussed it with my supervisor and she commented “I wish I had known these tips during my PhD” ????

Thank you again for sharing this book. I hope it helps other people as much as it helped me. Wishing you the best with the book and everything else.” – Irfan

“On the whole, 100 Tips is a timely treasure trove of invaluable information and advice for doctoral students. It is written in a lucid and engaging style that effectively conveys the central ideas and thematic concerns of the book. As such, prospective doctoral students, neophyte researchers, and advanced doctoral candidates alike will find highly useful suggestions and practical pointers in the pages of this book. ” – Ugochukwu



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Length: 216 Pages

Language: English

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