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Grammatical errors can get your paper, and even your dissertation, rejected.

Do you want your work to be taken seriously?

Do you want to give yourself the best possible chance of getting your work accepted for publication?

Do you want to look back on your PhD work and feel proud of it?

Don’t you think that your work should be free of errors?

Then Use Our Affordable Proofreading Service


We’ve help our past clients get their papers published and their dissertations accepted.


How does it work?


Simply input the number of words in your document in the field next to the “Add this number of words to cart” button.

Add it to your cart, and the price will automatically update.

At the “Checkout” page, upload your document in “.doc” or “.docx” format.

Finish the checkout and BAM. Your document will be sent to us and we’ll start the proofreading process.

Relax while we do the proofreading for you.

See…we told you it was easy.


We proofread to meet normal English requirements.


Each document proofread by us will receive a certificate for your verification.

Is this service really affordable?

Yes, incredibly. decided that it was about time that affordable proofreading was made available to PhD students (and now Postdocs too). Typical proofreading costs 15 or 20 cents per word. Some services are even as high as 30 cents per word. How is that affordable for PhD students?

The service we provide here is just 1.3 cents per word (plus tax).

So instead of a paper costing over $1,000 for proofreading, with our service, it only costs $110. Now that’s a price anyone can afford.


What other PhD students and academics say about our proofreading service:

we went with @PhDVoice and their very fair and affordable service for #phdlife which was really good. Learnt a lot from their remarks; clear recommendation” – Verena M., Germany.


“Thank you very much for your help improving my manuscript” – Annelien van D., Belgium.


I wasn’t asked to do this, but just to say that a couple of days ago I found out @PhDVoice has proofreading service, tried it and found it very good (and price sooo much more affordable than services provided by prestigious publishers) People are so nice too Great experience” – Yijie W., U.K.


“Thank you very much for your excellent work We really liked it and your comments are very helpful.” – Ângela M., Portugal.


For a sample of our proofreading service, please see the second image in the gallery above. The corrections are in yellow.


We’ve realized that Postdocs often struggle to afford proofreading services as well. So, we’ve decided to extend our offer of affordable proofreading to Postdocs as well, so that we can build equity in proofreading for them too. It costs 1.7 cents (plus tax) per word for the 7-day turnaround time option, which is also incredibly affordable. We also offer a 24hr Express service.


Do I really need proofreading services?

If your native language isn’t English, then it’s a very wise idea. Even if your native language is English, then it’s also a good idea because it will really boost your chances of getting your paper or thesis accepted. Poor grammar can be the difference between success and failure.

Grammar is so important that many native English speakers get their documents proofread still.

It’s always a good idea to have a fresh pair of eyes read your work.


What will I receive from you?

Once we’re done proofreading your document, you’ll receive two back. The first will be your document with track changes so you can go through and accept each one. The second will be your document with all of the track changes already accepted.


Will my document be safe with you?

Yes. We’re academics too, so we know how important academic integrity is, and how important your documents are. We’ve also acted as peer reviewers of international journal manuscripts many times, so we know how to treat your documents with discretion. Rest assured, your document will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, and the only people who will ever see your document will be the ones proofreading it.


How many people will be proofreading my document?

We operate in pairs, meaning that once your document is proofread by the first professional proofreader, it will go to the second one who will proofread it again.

How long will it take?

We pride ourselves on a 7-day turnaround time for documents up to 70,000 words. That means that, once you’ve ordered, you’ll get your document back within 7 days. During that time, your document will go through the 2-person proofreading as well as being sent back to you. For documents between 70,001 and 100,000 words, we’ll get it back to you within 10 days. For documents larger than that, contact us, and include the word count, and we’ll email you the timeframe :).

We also offer a 24hr Express service (for documents under 8,000 words) where you’ll get your document back, proofread and ready to go within 24 hours. This option is good if you’re on a tight schedule, and it’s far more affordable for PhD students than typical 24hr Express services (and proofreading in general).


What do I need to provide?

All you need to provide is your document in either “.doc” or “.docx” format (both are standard Word document formats). Make sure to upload the exact document you want to have proofread.


What state does my document need to be in?

Your document should be at the best level you can do by yourself. That means that it should be completely written. If parts are missing, or if it’s just a list of dot points, you won’t be getting as much out of the proofreading as you could.


Do you write whole paragraphs for me?

No. If we wrote whole paragraphs for you, then to preserve your academic integrity, you’d have to add the proofreaders’ names to the authorship. We proofread documents, which means that we correct grammar, spelling, tense usage, syntax, capitalization, clarity, and punctuation – all the important aspects of a text. This is the maximum amount you’re allowed to have before you’d need to add the proofreaders’ names to your document.


What do I do from here?

Simple, input the number of words in your document, add to cart, upload your document at the checkout stage, and checkout

We’ll do the rest


Sales tax (VAT/GST) will be added at the checkout stage.


What do I do if I made a mistake in entering the word count?

No problem, if you selected the 7-day delivery option, just email us within 1 hour of when you submitted your paper and we’ll be happy to adjust the cost.

Please contact us within 1 hour because after that we’ll have already started the proofreading.

If you selected the 24hr Express delivery option, please contact us within 30 minutes of when you submitted your paper and we’ll adjust the cost accordingly.

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7 Days, 24hr Express

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PhD Student, Postdoc

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