Business-Level Proofreading



Need an academic article or thesis proofread?


We offer this business-level proofreading service to help you.


Having correct grammar can be all the difference between getting your paper or thesis accepted and rejected. It can also be the difference between your audience understanding your writing and not understanding.


We understand that not every document needs to have a scholarly level of English, but every document must be understandable. That’s why we created our business-level proofreading service.


This service is available to all PhD students, researchers, and academics. We make sure that your document is comprehendible, which is crucial.


We also do so at a very favorable cost – we only charge 0.5 cents per word (plus sales tax/VAT/GST, which will be added during checkout), so a thesis costs about $250. A paper costs about $25.


With this service, we proofread your documents up to a business-level standard of English, with the aid of software.


We also offer a 24 hour express service, with a surcharge.


If you need a scholarly-level of English, which is achieved through using two real academics to proofread your document, please visit our other service, which is still highly affordable!


The difference between a business-level of English and a scholarly-level can be seen in the image in the gallery.


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Delivery Time

7 days, 24hr Express