How To Write An Academic Paper 101 EBook PhD Voice



Papers Are Incredibly Important In Academia. They Dominate Academia.

They can be the difference between graduating from your PhD and not, between getting a postdoc and not, between getting promoted and not.

Would being able to write a better paper, and more easily, make your life easier?

This book tells you how to write academic papers that will get published.

You’ll learn how to:
•Find appropriate journals
•Select the right journal to submit to
•Formulate a good research question
•Write a good literature review
•Write the abstract, introduction, method, results, discussion, conclusion, and references
•Write a great paper title
•Handle reviewer comments
•Write a paper with coauthors

Make writing papers much easier and quicker!


About the authors:

This book was written by PhD Voice. PhD Voice has become a leading figure for PhD students around the world, with tens of thousands of PhD students following them. Daily, they interact with thousands of PhD students around the world and hundreds more contact them every single day for help with problems they are facing.

Arguably, PhD Voice has unparalleled experience and knowledge of PhD students and the challenges they face each and every day.


EBook Information:

Length: 138 Pages

Language: English

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