Proofreading Gift Card




Choosing a gift for a PhD student is hard! It seems like all they ever talk about now is their PhD. That’s why the proofreading gift card is the perfect gift!

What says “I care about you” more than a gift about their own research?!

This gift card gives them the chance to have their work proofread by professional proofreaders – their work is important to them, one of the most important aspects of their life. When they look back on it in 10 years they won’t want to see an error in their writing. That’s where giving them a proofreading gift card helps make their PhD all the more special, and something they can always be proud of.


Give them something that they’ll appreciate. Give them this proofreading gift card to let them know that while you might not always understand what their research is about, you support them and are proud of them!


Our proofreading costs have been designed so that PhD students can afford them, so they’re far lower than all other alternatives (as much as 95% less), but we also go the extra mile with 2 professional proofreaders reading each document. We only charge 1.2 cents per word. This page is where they can go to use the gift card. You can choose the amount you’d like to spend – we recommend around $60 because a typical paper costs around that much for us to proofread. But you’re free to choose as much as you like (with a minimum of $10).


The gift cards are valid for an entire year, so there will be many opportunities to use it. The gift card can be used as many times as they like up to the value purchased or when the expiry date is reached, whichever is first.


We’re highly trained, and we specialize in proofreading research articles. We are even able to proofread in British and American English – we don’t just meet Academic standards, we surpass them.


Order now and seal the perfect gift for that “hard-to-find-for” PhD student!


Instructions on how to complete the order:

In the box titled “Enter Gift Card Price”, enter the value of the gift card you want.

In the “From” box, put in the name of the person(s) giving the gift (i.e. your name and anyone else who’s going in on it).

In the “Gift Message” box, enter the message you’d like to accompany the gift card – some warm wishes.

In the “Delivery Method” box, enter the email address of the recipient. The gift card will be automatically sent to them with your message :). If you don’t want to give it to them right now, you can always send it to yourself and give it to them at a later date.