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Suggestion Box by PhD Voice – The tool that makes good supervisors great and great supervisors even better!

Suggestion Box by PhD Voice is the tool that gives your students, postdocs, research assistants, and anyone else in your research group, the ability to give you feedback anonymously and safely!

PhD students, and group members, almost never feel safe and secure giving their supervisor feedback, even if their supervisor is great! It’s daunting!

A typical suggestion box doesn’t help either – with only a few members in a research group, anonymity goes out the window and it’s easy to know who gave the feedback.

That’s a massive problem for any supervisor who wants to get honest feedback about how they can improve their research group’s working life! And no good supervisor would allow that problem to occur!

How does Suggestion Box by PhD Voice overcome this problem?

With Suggestion Box by PhD Voice, your students can send feedback directly to us, any time of the day and night, 365 days a year.

We then introduce a 2-Factor Voice Anonymizing process which makes the person giving the feedback anonymous.

This is how our 2-Factor Voice Anonymizing process works:

The 1st Factor: We take that feedback, and while keeping the same kernel of feedback present we rework it to make it a generic piece of feedback. Thereby removing much of the student’s association with it, making them anonymous.

The 2nd Factor: Every 3 months (with the “Standard package”) we collate these pieces of feedback and add additional ones that every good supervisor should be reminded of from time to time as well, and send them all to you.

You might get 15 pieces of feedback in total. 1 of them might be from your students, or 14, or 10, or so on! This keeps your students anonymous. What the supervisor knows is that among the important feedback, some of the items are directly from their students. And the other pieces of feedback are ones every supervisor should always keep in mind anyway.

It doesn’t matter whether you have 1 person in your group or 50, everyone remains completely anonymous!

With our 2-Factor Voice Anonymizing process, your students, and feedback, are anonymous, and they now feel safe and secure to give you their important feedback!

The supervisor can now consider each piece of feedback and think back over the past few months to see if they could’ve improved any aspects of their supervision, thereby incorporating the feedback from their students! Making their research lives better!

How Can My Students Send You Their Feedback?

We provide them with two ways.

The first is to an email address we setup exclusively for your research group. We take care of the email hosting so you don’t have to worry about anything, we do it all for you. All they need to do is type in the email address and send their feedback to us. Only your research group will have this email address – it’s dedicated to your research group’s Suggestion Box.

The second way is through a password-protected page on our website dedicated to your research group. Only your research group will have this URL and password, and each member can send their feedback through that page.

Can I Have More Regular Feedback Updates?


Our “Standard” package is every 3 months, totaling 4 times a year.

We also offer our “Turbo” package, where we organize the feedback, running it through our 2-Factor Voice Anonymizing process, and send it to you ever 2 months, totaling 6 times a year.

To preserve anonymity, every 2 months is the most frequent we offer.

To facilitate the timely integration of your students’ feedback, every 3 months is the least frequent we offer.

Why Should I Give My Students This Tool?

Good PhD supervisors want to hear their students’ voice. That’s how you can improve. The problem is that students are often very reluctant to give it because they don’t feel secure doing so.

With Suggestion Box by PhD Voice, you hear your students’ voices now.

Good PhD supervisors are committed to improving all the time. Without important feedback from your students, you don’t how to improve for them, and your development stagnates.

Most PhD students are scared to give feedback. Our tool removes that fear and replaces it with confidence.

PhD students not only work better with better working conditions, they also greatly appreciate their supervisor trying to be better – they repay your dedication with their own dedication and passion, and they’re happier while doing so!

Everyone wants a supervisor who listens to their voice, and strives to make their PhD life better.

If you look after your students and researchers, they’ll look after you.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Suggestion Box by PhD Voice?

3 days – in that time, we create your dedicated email address and feedback page on our website, then send the details through to you via email.

Once this information is sent to you, your Suggestion Box by PhD Voice is live and your package starts from that date.

Your first feedback package will be sent to you 3 months from this date.

What Do I Need To Do To Get A Suggestion Box by PhD Voice?

Simple! Just order one from us and we’ll do the rest!

Who Will See My Students’ Feedback?

Your students’ feedback will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. The only people who will ever see their feedback will be us here at PhD Voice.

Our goal is to help you become the best supervisor you can be, and to do that, you need your students’ feedback.

How Can I Use This Feedback?

Once you receive the feedback, you should go through each point and reflect about the past 3 months to see if there were any times you could’ve implemented that piece of feedback to improve your students’ working conditions.

From there, you can identify what steps to take to implement these improvements, and implement them.

Can I Get A Suggestion Box by PhD Voice At Any Time During The Year?

Of course!

Your year starts from the date of purchase + the 3 days it takes us to set up your Suggestion Box.

For example, if you purchase on June 5th this year, you’ll get your Suggestion Box by June 8th, and it will operate through to June 7th of the following year.

How Much Does A Suggestion Box by PhD Voice Cost Per Year?

Our “Standard” package, which includes your own dedicated email address, password-protected feedback page, 4 rounds of feedback during the year (every 3 months), and your students can send feedback 24/7, 365 days a year, is $1,995 per year.

Our “Turbo” package, which includes everything our “Standard” package includes but you get 6 rounds of feedback during the year (every 2 months), is $2,497 per year.

Feel free to download and use the logo for our Suggestion Box by PhD Voice! (It’s the last image in the gallery.)

Other Uses

If you would like to use “Suggestion Box by PhD Voice”, including our unique 2-Factor Voice Anonymizing process for other University purposes (e.g., getting feedback for your department), please contact us (email: outlining what you need :). “Suggestion Box by PhD Voice” is incredibly powerful and versatile.

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Feedback Frequency

Standard (Every 3 months), Turbo (Every 2 months)

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1 Year