Supervising PhD Students, Effectively EBook




How To Supervise PhD Students, Effectively – The EBook.

Most supervisors aren’t given nearly enough training or support to effectively supervise their PhD students.

It’s like driving a car where we’re stuck in first gear – we’re working really hard, but not going very fast, and we’re getting tired doing it.

Learning how to effectively supervise PhD students not only makes supervising much easier, but it also greatly increases productivity and makes the work environment healthier. That may seem like a contradiction because we’re always taught that to be more productive you need to work harder, which leads to worse health. But, that’s not true. Knowing how to effectively supervise means you can use less energy and time and achieve better results because you’re using your energy and time far more effectively.

This book covers 11 different supervision topics including:

  • Creating A Self-Perpetuating Positive Atmosphere
  • Resolving Disputes
  • How To Guide Your PhD Students
  • How To Set Up Boundaries
  • Your Own Professional Development
  • And More

Each topic is one building block to make a cohesive supervising model to follow.

Most find supervising tough, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it’s actually easy once you have the right tools to do it. This book gives you these tools.

If you want to improve your supervising skills and make it easy for you, then read this book.

About the authors:

This book was written by PhD Voice. PhD Voice has become a leading figure for PhD students around the world, with tens of thousands of PhD students following them. Daily, they interact with thousands of PhD students around the world and hundreds more contact them every single day for help with problems they are facing.

This book uses PhD Voice’s arguably unparalleled experience and knowledge of PhD students and the challenges they face to help you become a supervisor who can easily handle the challenges you face when supervising PhD students.

The information in this book comes from their popular training: “Becoming A Better PhD Supervisor”.

EBook Information:

Length: 134 Pages

Language: English

File Type: PDF

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