Becoming A Better PhD Supervisor – PhD Voice Training



No matter how good a supervisor you are, you can always get better, and that’s the goal – incremental improvements.


This training helps you become a better supervisor and the benefits of becoming a better supervisor include:

  • Higher quality research from your students
  • More research
  • Your research projects will become more successful
  • You gain a better reputation and students will flock to you to supervise them
  • You get promoted easier
  • Happier PhD students
  • Makes supervising quicker and easier for you
  • Because supervising becomes quicker, you get more time to use on your other tasks, which makes the other aspects of your job easier as well
  • You become happier as well


Supervising isn’t the only part of your job, but one part of it. However, by getting better at supervising, you can then give more attention to aspects of your job as well. There’s a synergistic benefit.


In 10 modules, this training covers:

– Supervisor leadership

– Understanding your students’ emotions

– How to treat your PhD students

– How to support your PhD students and their projects, to make them better and easier

– How to guide your PhD students

– Setting up boundaries

– Your own professional development

– Resolving disputes

– Creating a self-perpetuating positive atmosphere


Each module has a short assignment at the end, which, after reading the module, is easy to pass. Modules are graded on a pass or fail basis. Once a module is successfully completed, the next module will be made available.

Each module takes approximately 40 minutes to read, and 20 minutes to complete the assignment. Assignments are graded based on your understanding of the concepts presented in each module.

PhD Voice provides you with a certificate of successful completion.

The principles learned in this training are directly transferable to supervising Masters students, Postdoctoral researchers, and research assistants.


The goal of each supervisor is to be better than their PhD supervisor was. That’s how academia improves. Be part of this.


Note: You can remain anonymous while do this training, if you prefer. We don’t mind.


There is no time limit for completing this training – you can complete each module as you get time.


Upon registering for this training, you will receive access to the first module via your email. For group enrolment, contact us ( with your requirements.