One thought on “Rapid Prototyping Journal


    Working with RPJ was overall a good experience. The only problem that came in was when they did not publish my name in the way I requested (I use initials, they used full first name). They were able to fix it before final publication, but it was a very big hassle and required several emails to multiple people at the journal and their publisher. This should have never happened, as I linked my ORCiD and submitted my name the way I wanted it published into the journal’s forms. The journal was apologetic for the issues and made sure it was fixed prior to publication/final records.

    The review process was simple. The reviewers only provided relevant, constructive comments that were actually able to be addressed. The time frame for submission to publication was probably about average for what you would expect… not super speedy, but not overly drawn-out… about 4 months for reviews, and then another 2 months for acceptance/publication.

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