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What Is Bolded Science?

Bolded Science is a collaborative blog for members of the scientific community.

As misinformation propagates on the internet, mistrust in science and medicine is growing.

More than ever, there is a call for scientists to participate in public communications and advocacy.

Bolded Science has two goals:

1) provide a platform for scientists to communicate their stories and ideas on social media

2) enable scientists to gain experience with informal, public writing

So if you are interested in getting your feet wet with public writing as a scientist, and sharing your passion, contact Bolded Science, to discuss writing a blog post for their site.

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What PhD Voice Thinks About It

It’s fantastic!

It gives every researcher, young, old, new, almost retired, and everyone in between, the opportunity to share their expertise, passion, and creativity for their field with the world!

Hone your communication skills, make a greater impact, and grow.

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Research Rabbit

Literature Search Tool:

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What Does It Do?

Research Rabbit – The lit search tool every researcher needs!

It finds papers linked to any paper you search – right there at your fingertips. No more missed papers in your literature review!

Features include:

  • Finds all related articles to your field
  • Quick and easy interface

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What PhD Voice Thinks About It

We love it! Within seconds you can find every paper related to a paper you’re interested in, or in a particular field. Your literature reviews become complete!

It’s so intuitive and easy to use. Really out-of-the-box!


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