Reviewer Comment Help

Sometimes, reviewers can be difficult. If you’ve read out book “How To Write An Academic Paper 101” (you can find it here), you’ll have learnt highly effectively ways to overcome them.

However, if you still want further help with those extra-difficult comments that occasionally arise, then we have this service – we are highly experienced with appeasing reviewers. This is mainly due to our high EQ, which we put on display daily on our Twitter accounts (@PhDVoice and @PostdocVoice) – if you look at our social media pages, you will see that we have over 100,000 followers over only 2 accounts. To deal with reviewer comments, you have to have a high EQ, and to amass such a number of followers, you also need to have a high EQ because it is difficult to write something that 100,000 people will be okay with – we effectively have 100,000 reviewers :).

If you need help with some reviewer comments, get in touch with us at and let us know your needs! Please include your timeframe as well.