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    The Explicator is a literary journal that publishes short articles (1500 words). I had submitted an article in August 2020. Received the first decision (major revision, based on comments by three reviewers, though R1 and R3 had suggested minor revisions) after 6 months. Submitted the revised version and received another major revision decision (this time based on only R2’s comments, though the suggested changes didn’t seem really necessary) after 3 months. It has been a month since I submitted the second revised version. A reviewer is yet to be assigned. I’m afraid I’ll waste a year of my time over a 1500 word article. I had thought about submitting more than one article to this journal. But now I have serious second thoughts.


      I submitted an article three months ago, but the status is still “awaiting EE assignment”. According to the official journal metrics, average time from submission to first decision is 3 months; I now seriously doubt that. I hope someone who has published on this journal could share their experience of the publication process.

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