Twitter Help for Academics

Twitter is the best way for academics to network. We have over 100,000 followers on 2 accounts, so we know.

One of the major reasons why is because Academic Twitter is huge, and it continually grows. Every day, more and more academics join it. That means, it’s so easy to find and interact with other people in your field. The barriers are gone.

Academic Twitter is so big now that the hashtag #AcademicTwitter routinely trends on a global scale (in fact, now over the last 6 months, our own hashtag #PhDVoice has also routinely trended on a global scale and continues to grow as well) that means a huge space on Twitter is taken up by academia!

Another reason why Twitter is so powerful for academics to network is because of its format – its style is unique in that information is so quickly disseminated. Within 30 minutes, tens of thousands of academics can learn of something. There isn’t another platform out there with that kind of “wildfire” reach.

That makes it ideal for getting your papers out into your field – within minutes other researchers in your field know of your paper and can read it. That also boosts citations because more researchers are aware of it. What’s more, there’s a knock-on effect where these researchers tell other people, and so on.

Twitter is also ideal for networking.

Even having just 100 people from your field following you is a huge number. Most professors can’t even reach 100 other people in their field within a few hours. But with a Twitter account with 100 fellow researchers in your field, you can.

Twitter makes finding jobs much easier as well. By regularly interacting with other people in your field, your network gets very strong to the point where finding a job becomes very easy – you have one hundred (or even more) people in your field at your fingertips to get in touch with within a few seconds to find a job. These people know you as well, which further strengthens your chances of finding a job. Half the battle when finding a job is just getting your foot in the door. Twitter does that, and more, much more.

Twitter is far better than any conference or networking event you’ll ever attend.

Make sure to invest in this platform because it will serve your paper, and career, very well! It’s an asset!

Everything about your Twitter profile influences how quickly you will get followers. Your profile picture, your handle, your name, your bio, your pinned tweet, and even your background picture have a huge impact. The better you do these things, the more followers you will get and it will be quick!

If these aspects are poorly done, getting 100 followers in 6 months will be a struggle.

If these aspects are done well, then getting 100 followers in 1 month is easy.

In fact, by optimizing these aspects, you get can 100 followers very quickly. My personal record for getting my first 100 followers in my field for a brand new account is just 5 days.

Make sure to invest in your Twitter account because it will pay off big time!

We offer a service for academics to help them grow their Twitter account. We use our skills with Twitter, to help academics gain more followers. Every follower we have has come honestly – we haven’t had some university push our account (either on Twitter or gotten people at the university to interact with us), we haven’t “follow-unfollowed” (which is a terrible method because your engagement rate plummets), we haven’t done any advertising to get them, we haven’t had any fake likes or followers, we haven’t had “patsy” accounts pushing us because we don’t belong to any larger circle. Every follower we have, we’ve gotten honestly, and if you follow us on Twitter, then you know that you followed us honestly as well.

If you want to get more followers for your Twitter account to strengthen your network and career, to get your paper read by more people in your field and get more citations, then use our service here! We use our skills to help you. Skills that helped us get to 100,000 followers.

Contact us at and let us know your needs!