Useful PhD Books

Looking for a book to help you out with your PhD?

Check out these ones below. Each one we’ve personally reviewed and rated to help you choose a great book and help you on your way!

Why use the ratings and reviews to help you choose? Well, you could always “wing it” and choose a book hoping that it will be what you need. You could also try to find a book using places like Amazon or Goodreads, but those reviews are often filled with fake ones (both from supporters and competitors).

We give unbiased, in-depth reviews to these books. Reviews you can trust for honesty and quality. We disclose all interests we have with every book we review, to help you make a great choice!

So, peruse the list, click on the book(s) you’re interested in, and thank us later ;).

Book ImageBook TitleAuthorShort DescriptionOur Overall RatingLink To Book Review
Book Reviews PhD Voice100 Days Of PhD, 100 TipsDr Jules Bayard100 tips to help make PhD life easier.9/10

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