3 thoughts on “European Journal of Legal Studies


    The Editorial Board’s work is incredible. They are qualified and fast. A few weeks after the submission, you will receive the answer.


    An awful journal. Even if your paper is well written, they will not pass your piece to peer reviewers unless you are a tenured professor. The editorial board does not follow its own rules and keeps the journal as a handy place for publishing theit own articles and those of their friends. My advice: avoid it, sending your paper here would be simple waste of time while your piece can be under review at a decent journal.


    Terrible experience. Had a paper rejected without any substantive reason for such a decision. The only explanation was: it lacked several hundred words to fall into one of the categories of papers published in EJLS. Without that, they refused to assess it or send for a review. To me, such a formalistic requirement makes no sense. Perhaps it was only an excuse and their decision was motivated by something else (see other comments). But I cannot speculate about that. In any case, the reason I got was disturbing in itself. I do not understand such a policy. Perhaps it is an isolated experience and it should not be generalised; perhaps not. Besides all this, the editors replied promptly. They were polite. The journal seems to publish interesting papers. For that, they can be commended.

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